Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 26th

There’s a great opportunity early on today to solve problems and engage in strategy sessions with a trusted friend or adviser as the Moon unites with Pallas in Pisces (2:28AM PDT). Ingenious ideas abound. Love vibrations are also increasing in frequency — courtesy of a Moon-Venus parallel (3:29AM PDT). Unfurl your creative artistry and move forward with vital communications as the Moon makes a harmonious trine with Mercury in water signs (7:45AM PDT).  Slow your tempo during a 4+ hour void lunar twilight zone that begins at 8:05AM PDT and lasts until 12:32PM PDT. Even though the Moon is in limbo and unsettled conditions are prominent, you may still be able to be highly productive in your main fields of expertise since the Sun forms a trine with the largest asteroid Ceres (8:59AM PDT).  Once the Moon escapes from its void stature in Pisces by entering fiery, independent-minded Aries (12:32PM PDT), your assertive demeanor can lead you to triumphs as an entrepreneurial leader or captain of industry. Open your mind to breakthroughs in higher consciousness as the Moon makes its monthly union with revolutionary Uranus (11:08PM PDT).