New Moon Report for July 3rd – Full Moon In Capricorn

New Moon Report

By Jeff Jawer


Full Moon In Capricorn

Tuesday, July 3, 11:52 am PDT, 2:52 pm EDT

The Full Moon in reliable Capricorn is usually about self-restraint and discipline. However, this time the focus is on the relationship between power and freedom. Controlling Pluto’s conjunction to the Moon stirs resentment of authority figures, which is intensified by rebellious Uranus’ tense square to the Sun and Moon. A feeling that the world is about to change provokes fear but is meant to inspire action. Original thinking and masterful management of resources gives birth to a vision that can alter one’s career path and maybe even help to transform the world. Bold concepts are the fires that ignite action, but self-discipline is needed to sustain faith and focus in a radical plan.