Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 30

If you were ever looking for a sabbatical away from cares, woes and worries, this is your 24-hour time-period to fly the coop and seek peace and quiet wherever possible. A main reason to get away from business-as-usual is due to the very long void lunar uncertainty cycle in Taurus that began yesterday, continues all of today, and then ends tomorrow at 11:41AM PDT.  Every so often, the Moon enters what seems like a bottomless pit of void activity — when the Moon has ceased making its major alignments to other celestial bodies and seems to be drifting along more aimlessly than usual. However, the void Moon experience can be filled with spiritual studies, creative arts and crafts, and plenty of fun and games. The key is not to set up unrealistic expectations or force your will on others. Think more about going with the flow and simplifying your life.  Today and tomorrow also constitute a 48-hour time-span to distribute the enlightening vibrations received during yesterday’s revelatory Full Moon experience. The main alignment of the day clocks in at 3:31AM PDT when the Sun and Pluto orchestrate a supportive, 60-degree liaison. Although this aspect occurs early, it can stay influential for most of the day. Learn more about your core values and what makes you tick — deep down inside. Hit the psychology and metaphysical books with a vengeance.  Prepare for a shift by Ceres in Cancer into retrograde motion tomorrow.