Tonka Beans (Uses In Gris Gris Bags)

Tonka Beans

Power: Courage and good luck

These are very poisonous, so do not have them around children. They are said to make any wishes come true, keep illness from the home (when used in a house sachet), bring luck and money and to bring courage to overcome any obstacles.

Lucky Hand Root (Uses In Gris Gris Bags)

Lucky Hand Root

Power: Employment, games of chance

Another rare type of orchid with a spicy smell, usually shaped like a hand and the size of an average button. Good for all career matters and also for travel, winning competitions, gambling and financial risks. Carry separately if you are entering a contest, acting singing or dancing in public.

Low John the Conqueror, Galangal (Uses in Gris Gris Bags)

Low John the Conqueror, Galangal

Power: Justice, success in all official matters

Protects against injustice. Good in a bag to resolve legal matters, to help with examinations and to increase passion, good fortune and family happiness. Carry in your pocket separately to a court case, tribunal or enquiry for a speedy and satisfactory resolution. You can substitute ginger root.

Job’s Tears (Uses in Gris Gris Bags)

Job’s Tears

Power: Healing, granting wishes

These tear-like seeds are protection against any sorrow and are said to absorb pain or sickness. Three in a bag bring good luck and seven will grant wishes made when the bag is sealed. They also help to prevent accidents befalling the individual who carries them in a bag, and household accidents if kept indoors near the stairs or kitchen.

Hawthorn berries (Uses in Gris Gris Bags)

Hawthorne Berries

Power: Fertility, banishing harm

Use with a pink piece of cloth in your Gris Gris bags for fertility, marriage and general happiness and maybe surprisingly, use a piece of yellow cloth to bring luck to fishermen.

Good in bags generally for banishing fear or danger and for protection of property against bad weather, especially storms; also for an increased awareness of nature essences and in any fey magick or wishes.

Angelica/Masterwort (Uses in Gris Gris Bags)


Power: Protection of the home/healing

Use the root in a bag for happiness and protection in the home, in healing bags or alone as a charm to bring angelic influences into your life. The root also brings psychic awareness and luck in speculation and money matters where there is a risk.