Daily Cosmic Calendar for February 14th

Strange forces are at the helm during this unusual Valentine’s Day. While Mercury uniting with Pallas in Pisces (3:32AM PST) is terrific for problem-solving and heading off any kind of interpersonal crisis, a void Moon in Scorpio – lasting from 9:05AM PST to 4:57PM PST and starting during the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase – adds a giant element of uncertainty across the board. It doesn’t help that normally productivity-enhancing Ceres is making a touchy square to distant Pluto (9:37AM PST) during the void cycle. Finishing old business and projects on a high note is still the recommended course of action while the Moon is completing its monthly transit in Scorpio under dubious circumstances. Pushing your personal agenda at any cost is a no-no. Once the lunar orb enters upbeat, fiery Sagittarius (4:57PM PST), look for the heartfelt silver lining in any remaining romantic cloud cover. Healing vibrations are increasing – thanks to a supportive, 60-degree alliance from Jupiter to Chiron (5:38PM PST). Keep utilizing the happy-go-lucky presence of Sagittarius Moon to give you a fun-filled evening. Assisting you in getting along with dear ones is the monthly Moon-Juno conjunction (10:51PM PST) – amplified by a Venus-Ceres contra-parallel (11:01PM PST). With a little extra sensitivity, love birds can find their way to respectful, caring embraces under the aegis of an optimistic Sagittarian lunar dispensation.