Fertility Deities

Fertility Deities

Gods/Goddesses– Bel, Sucellus, Hecate, Thalia, Cronus, Hades, Hermes, Zeus, Ops, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Dis Pater, Isis, Bes, Osiris, Arianrhod, Brigit, Cerridwen, Brigantia, Macha, Herne the Hunter, Cernunnos, Bel, Epona, Manannan mac Lir, Mab, Nantosuelta, Druantia, the Horned God, Anu, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, the Dagda, Ostara, Eostre, Apollo, Cronus, Hera, Artemis, Maia, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Gaea, Rhea, Pan, Dionysus, Poseidon, Antheia, Bendis, Cabari, Cabiri, Charities, Derceto, Europa, Pontia, Priapus, Hermes, Persephone, Hecate, Juno, Bona Dea, Diana, Fauna, Flora, Pales, Venus, Tellus Mater, Faunus, Bacchus, Vertumnus, Apollo, Cybele, Lupercus, Ops, Pomona, Saturn, Nerthus, Bast, Heqet, Selqet, Min, Osiris, Amen, Khnemu, Bes, Hapi, Bast, Isis, Attis, Mut, Selkhet, Tlazolteotl, Itzamna, Tlaloc, Chantico, Centeotle, Quetzalcoatl, Ishtar, Kuan Yin, Lilith, Inanna, Astarte
Color– True Pure Blue
Incence/Oil– Lily of the Valley
Animals– Dolphin, Whales
Spirits– Mermaid
Stones– Azurite, Torquoise
Metal– Aluminum
Plants– Carnation, Honeysukle, Vervain
Wood– Bramble
Planet– Neptune
Tarot Cards– Four Kings, Four Twos
Magickal Tools– Cauldron, Wand
Direction– South
Rituals- Achieving Equilibrium, Spiritual Manifestations, Creative Force, Divine Inspiration


Herbs for Every Sign


Herbs can be mixed and combined to produce a “recipe” that’s just right for each of us.  Since the Sun sign you were born under has such an amazing influence on your health and well-being, using the herbs that correspond with that sign alone can be a tremendous help in times of stress or illness. Here’s a short list of herbs that seem to be tailor-made for each of the signs, due to their associations with both the planetary ruler and the positive qualities of that sign.

Aries – Mars
Allspice, basil, cayenne, garlic, ginger, mustard, onion, pepper.
It’s no secret that Aries is the astrological equivalent of a bullet.
It’s a red-hot burst of energy that’s capable of overcoming any
obstacle by charging straight for it. The ruler of Aries is Mars, the “red”
planet, the ancient god of war who was known for his equally fiery
temperament. No wonder, then, the herbs that correspond with your sign
are also a bit “hot” to the taste. Use them in cooking to raise your
endorphins, the substance Mars loves best.

Taurus – Venus
Apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, heather, hibiscus, raspberry, rose.
Taurus is the sign that’s fondest of the pleasures that life inside
these bodies can provide. Whether it’s a blazing sunset, a symphony by
Mozart, or a delicious meal, you folks are experts at enjoying the
physical delights of the senses. It’s no surprise that the herbs you’ll
enjoy most are the sweet ones, since your planet, Venus, is the
purveyor of sweetness. Use each of them to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Gemini – Mercury
Clover, eyebright, fennel, lemongrass, lemon verbena, marjoram, parsley.
Your quick-witted, fleet-footed energy just loves variety – in fact, the
expression “variety is the spice of life” was written with you in mind.
Each of these herbs provide a different type of taste, and most can be
combined in a light, aromatic tea you can sip on the run. Use clove or
slippery elm to protect against gossip and to keep your thoughts and
actions grounded.

Cancer – Moon
Aloe, lemon balm, chamomile, mimosa, lavender, lilac.
Nurturing is your business, Cancer, and you distribute your soothing
touch to one and all. There’s nothing you like better than a home that
smells good, too, whether it’s because there’s something wonderful
simmering on the stove, a vase of fresh flowers on the dining room
table, or a warm, fragrant bubble bath waiting for you upstairs. Each
of the herbs listed above are known for their ability to calm, heal, or
bring a wonderful aroma to the environment. Use aloe to soothe burns
and scrapes and chamomile for a wonderful bedtime tea.

Leo – Sun
Chicory, cinnamon, goldenseal, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, sandalwood.
Your planet is the Sun, Leo, the source of life and warmth that keeps
us all alive and provides us with the energy we need to keep pursuing our
life’s quest. It makes perfect sense, then, that the bright, cheerful
sunflower would be the perfect representation of your equally bright
and happy sign. Herbs like goldenseal and St. John’s Wort are tailor-made
for you, too, since their ability to keep the body resistant to illness
and depression are well known. Mix a bit of chicory with your morning
coffee to help remove any obstacles that come up.

Virgo – Mercury
Caraway, dill, eyebright, horehound, lily of the valley, marjoram, savory.
Your quick-thinking meticulous sign likes nothing better than a mental
challenge, Virgo, whether it’s organizing a pile of papers at the
office, solving a puzzle, or learning a new skill. The herbs listed
above are all well known for their subtle abilities to strengthen the
mind, and many can be mixed together in teas to give you a boost you
often need at the end of a long day. The lily of the valley seems
perfect for you, too, with its subtle, “clean” scent and delicate flowers.

Libra – Venus
Catnip, passion flower, persimmon, rose, sugar cane, violet.
There’s no sign as fond of pleasing others as yours, Libra, whether it’s
by saying just the right thing to bring warring factions together, or by
using your polite charm to draw the object of your desires closer. Of
course, catnip is famous for its effects on our feline friends, but its
also traditionally used in conjunction with rose petals to bring loving
relationships that last forever. Since you’re ruled by Venus, you’re
capable of being every bit as sweet as the sugar cane – but if you need
a bit of help to attract a beloved, use this potent plant (sugar cane)
that’s long been used to conjure love – sweetly.

Scorpio – Pluto/Mars
Ginseng, dill, patchouli, pomegranate, saffron, vanilla.
As fond as you are of intensity and intimacy, Scorpio, it’s no wonder
the herbs you’ll love best are famous for their use in stirring up
passion. Drink ginseng tea (or offer some to your beloved) to induce a
magnetic physical attraction. Wear patchouli to arouse lust and silently
conjure the magic of the Beltane rituals. Present the object of your
desire with a pomegranate, the fruit traditionally associated with
seductive Pluto, your ruling planet.

Sagittarius – Jupiter
Anise, clove, fig, hyssop, mugwort, myrtle, nutmeg, rosemary, sage.
There’s no sign that hangs on to youth with more fervency and
determination than yours Sagittarius. To keep that youthful appearance
and disposition going as you travel the world in search of yet another
experience, drink a tea made of anise, rosemary, and Vervain. To aid in
making your dreams more prophetic than they already are, use mugwort.
Burn clove incense to attract the wealth you’ll need to pay for your travels.

Capricorn – Saturn
Comfrey, horsetail, mint, poppy, sassafras, woodruff.
You’ve always been described as a very “focused” sign, Capricorn, intent
on self-sufficiency and material success. The influence of your planet,
Saturn, gives you the ambition and self-discipline to attain those
goals, and to ensure success and prosperity in business matters, too.
Each of the herbs mentioned above are known for their ability to attract
that success, and most can be mixed together in a tea.

Aquarius – Uranus/Saturn
Anise, bittersweet, citron, dandelion, lemon verbena, rosemary, sage.
Your sign is a cerebral one, Aquarius, and your ability to turn “odd” or
eccentric ideas into strokes of genius is well known. Since
communication (and mass communication in particular) is your specialty,
the herbs above are all associated with the air principle, which rules
the intellectual side of life. To increase your already powerful
intuition, use citron, clover, or rosemary. Above all else, listen to
that intuition. It will seldom prove to be wrong.

Pisces – Neptune/Jupiter
Aloe, bay, cotton, eucalyptus, lavender, Norfolk Island pine, rue.
As the most sensitive and psychic of all signs, Pisces, yours is the one
that requires help to ward off the adverse thoughts and intentions of
others. Since you have no boundaries to keep you separate from others,
you also need protection against negative influences. To that end, use
rue, a powerful herb known to ward off ills of every kind. To stay
positive and healthy keep a lavender plant growing either outside or inside your home.

Starcodes horoscopes for July 13 – 19, 2012

Starcodes horoscopes for July 13 – 19, 2012

by Heather Roan Robbins

“It’s going to be a bumpy ride -Shrunken Head, Prisoner of Azkaban

Fasten your seat belts, we are energize and challenged, in some places, may be challenged to our core this week by communications problems and technical snafus all under some irritable, authority resistant aspects.  It’s time to prioritize peaceful solutions and safe explorations as communicative Mercury and electrical Uranus retrograde, while motivational Mars challenges the great revolutionary trigger planets, Pluto and Uranus.

These conditions are classic astrological patterns for accidents and storms, of both the weather and human temper variety. But they are also for great adventure and meeting a challenge that has haunted us before, meeting and overcoming that challenge and so growing our sense of identity.

It really helps that emotion-provoking Venus is in communicative, forgiving Gemini and activating Mars is in the friendly sign of Libra, so generally we can keep things friendly and mellow, and be truly be helpful to one another in the process. Tempers will spike of the craziest things this week, and can be easily set off by misunderstandings or by hidden information that now comes to light. If we can keep talking, we can process this through quickly. But this Mars is willing to fight to the finish if a situation feels unfair and ordinary channels of communication are not working.

This line-up creates a paradoxical tone: nice days sprinkled with a few strange tantrums and manic episodes, lazy summer moments with technical and electrical snafus, ordinary quiet spells with peppered with challenges that demand our presence and ask us to be brave and real.

The weekend starts out on Friday the 13th a day of luck, good or bad. Strange technical glitches and scattered nerves can test us as Uranus retrogrades as the weekend begins, but we need to stay focused and nail down loose ends before Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday. The retrograde follies have already begun as Mercury appeared to slow down over this last week. We may have noticed technical problems, like phone lines that drop signal or machinery that does not work as planned. Or people problems, as, old complaints work to the surface and people rethink decisions they made before.

As Mercury turns retrograde it sends us back inside to get the back story and do some personal work. We may have to go back to a place we’ve lived, people we’ve known, or projects we’ve left behind. It is time to initiate work retrograde procedures, so for the next three weeks don’t take any communication for granted. Let’s make sure they heard what was intended, understood what we meant, and got the e-mail. Check schedules, confirm appointments. Keep a good book near at all times for unexpected delays. Schedule in extra time and keep track of important items, like cell phones, keys, or papers. Measure twice before cutting, check twice the address before sending the email.

This coming week could be an unusually brave and adventurous, arousing and accident prone because Mars, arbiter of our temper and our energy level, our right to say both no and yes, is cranking in some heavy aspects. Put safety on the front burner, don’t hide out but do move with attention and awareness. If we hide out or ground our kids, impatience usually builds until we do something rash, which makes this a self-fulfilling prophesy. So let’s whole-heartedly engage the world, but make it a dance.

Over the weekend we can feel a peaceful, introspective energy, but as Mars, our energy pack, opposes chaotic and electrical Uranus, trines expansive Jupiter, and squares powerful Pluto midweek, we have to watch out for trouble. Impulse control is low. Smell the whiff of revolution in response to anything that would tick off a Libra, anything unbalanced, unkind, or ugly. Expect politics to get ugly. Don’t play with fire or fuel. Use this energy to tackle real problems; put it to good use and keep it out of trouble.

Venus and Mars trine in friendly air signs do add a pleasant romantic milieu. Relationships will need lots of communication and little judgmental attitude; we can puddle along together and encourage one another gently most days, but when a problem comes up, and it can so easily with Mercury retrograde misunderstandings, tempers can spike easily. Confirm all data before responding, and be as gentle as possible with one another.

Friday, July 13: Keep it mellow, stay cool under potential glitches this morning as Uranus retrogrades. We may feel a little spacy and disoriented, so make an effort get grounded and present. Noon time is sociable and sensuous as the Taurus sextiles the Sun. Afternoon grows more distant, tired, we could all use a nap, but stay alert enough to bring the point home and enough to batten the hatches and make sure loose ends are cleaned up now. Enjoy a quirky, hungry evening and share luck stories.

Saturday, July 14: A nervy morning can leave us discouraged or concerned this afternoon. Unwind and let details scatter as the Gemini Moon squares Chiron this morning. Cartoons may be in order. If we can, let’s take a day off and putter mindlessly or socialize easily as Mercury sextiles Venus, but responsibilities may press us back into action as the Sun squares Saturn later on. Some real or imagined deadline may pressure us, but will take extra effort to complete as Mercury retrogrades. Make necessary adjustments, keep plans loose, humor nearby, and initiate retrograde Mercury skills. Relax sociably tonight; babble is good, we need to talk but may not need to make sense.

Sunday, July 15: Hurry and efforts all snarl up; go with the flow and prioritize centering, and this can be a beautiful day as the Moon sextiles Mercury and conjuncts Venus. Non-sequential conversation furthers. Gather with like minds and share without an agenda. Listen and be surprised.

Monday, July 16: If some personal quirky issue gets tapped this morning as the Sun challenges Chiron, take it as a signal to heal the issue rather than repeat the problem. The day is moody and itchy, full of paradox; many aspects crank up our restlessness and call us out and about, while a Cancer Moon whispers of existential homesickness. Expect mixed signals and conflicting feelings. Hold hands and don’t try to make sense of it all; just ride the waves.

Tuesday, July 17: Feel the protective bravery and proceed carefully as Mars trines Jupiter and the Moon opposes Pluto. A problem may require a surgical decision. Confidence and energy can help us successfully tackle a challenge, but without a challenge we can chew on ourselves or the ones we love. Moods are touchy, tender, with defensive brilliance. Later, walk the line between loneliness and useful solitude and gently confront some lurking fear as Mars squares Pluto.

Wednesday, July 18: This tricky day roils with technical difficulties, primal emotions, and an opportunity to transform ourselves as Mars opposes Uranus and Jupiter quincunx Pluto. Notice a ruggedly individualist mood and don’t hassle the cowboys. We may be challenged to let go of old modes of operation and pushed out of our comfort zone, but can rise to the challenge and find capacities we didn’t know we had. Even through strong emotional winds blow through, we need to think and act strategically. A New Moon in Cancer tonight offers a chance to start over and take better care of ourselves and others in the new cycle ahead.

Thursday, July 19: Keep it safe and keep it moving. Let’s tell our story. It feels really important to be appreciated and understood, to have our efforts noticed as the Moon goes in Leo. Though we may want to dramatize our situation to express how it feels to us the situation may be dramatic enough on its own. Show love, show appreciation, listen to one another’s stories, and don’t push anyone more than necessary, because we don’t know what drama already lurks in their life. Sympathy heals.

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New Age Journal 

Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 15th

If it seems as though the Sword of Damocles is hanging by a slender thread over your head, you are not alone. The past 48 hours have added up to a barrage of cosmic fire that has been intimidating even the strongest and most steely characters incarnate now in human form.  Adding to the potential misery index are Juno forming a frictional, 45-degree tie with the red planet Mars (1:53AM PDT) and Ceres making an abrasive, 135-degree connection with Saturn (2:29AM PDT). Be gentle in affairs of the heart and listen sensitively to the needs of elders, shut-ins and parental figures.  Once you make it through these two challenging aspects, the psychic atmosphere reveals some clearing where you can make headway as the Moon forms a supportive, 60-degree link with Mercury (6:47AM PDT) while the Moon also makes its monthly union with Venus in Gemini (7:31AM PDT). Of these two alignments, the Moon conjunction with Venus is definitely the award-winning rendezvous. You can utilize it to add entries to your social calendar, explore new art forms, and improve your love life.  Since the next group of sky patterns – including the highly potent station and shift into direct motion by Juno in Scorpio at 3:58AM PDT tomorrow – will not arrive until Monday, there is no reason why you can’t reinforce this morning’s Moon-Venus alliance and give it extra power to change your life for the good.