Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 11th

The universe finally pipes down after three days of martial fireworks, Neptunian mischief-making, and quarter moon tensions. Major solar and planetary aspects disappear completely while the Moon in Aries makes its monthly polarity to Saturn in Libra (2:24AM PDT) – beginning a 14+ hour void lunar uncertainty cycle that lasts until 4:32PM PDT.  Trying to make things happen your way during this void-of-course Moon time-span is foolish. Slow your tempo across the board. Patience is a cardinal virtue. Completing odds and ends makes sense with the Moon out of sorts.  Once the lunar orb enters earthy Taurus (4:32PM PDT), handle financial issues with flair and logic. Arts, crafts and hobbies are highlighted this evening as the Moon parallels Mercury (9:25PM PDT) followed by a supportive, 60-degree link from the Moon to visionary Neptune (10:10PM PDT). The Moon-Neptune alliance also favors experimenting with a favorite musical instrument, camera, poetry style or dance routine.  Start gearing up for stations and shifts retrograde by Uranus (Friday July 13) and Mercury (Saturday July 14). Forewarned is forearmed – so goes an ancient saying connected to astrology.