Charm for Lucid Dreaming

Charm for Lucid Dreaming


Items You Will Need:


Light blue mojo bag


Lemon balm






If you find you need a little help in lucid dreaming, or you want to learn the answer to a specific problem, this charm bag is a great tool It soothes the waking mind and helps your sleeping mind to focus. The ingredients can also be used to feel a dream pillows as well. Make or buy a light blue Mojo or talisman bag. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following:



Lemon Balm

Calendula (Marigold)




During the Full Moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Before sleep each night, rub the bag over our third eye (center of forehead) and concentrate on the question, problem or situation. Then place the bag under your pillow. Continue to concentrate on the situation as you drift off. When you wake, jot down whatever you remember in your dream journal. Your question should be answered within the first few nights. This pouch can also help increase your skill at lucid dreaming, by keeping your mind focused on the fact that you are just dreaming.


Anti Insomnia Spell

Anti Insomnia Spell

By Kala Trobe

Items Needed:

Uncooked Oats

Dried Chamomile flowers



Egyptian Kyphi Incense



Wrap handfuls of uncooked oats and dried chamomile flowers, add a pinch of mandrake in a square of cheesecloth and filter a hot bath through it. Light some Egyptian Kyphi incense and bathe while deeply breathing the aromas. In bed, envisage yourself in a field of chamomile like Dorothy surrounded by poppies in the Wizard of Oa. Think of lying down in the fragrant daisies, lulled to sleep by their fresh, sweet smell. Beneath the ground, the underworld and above, in the blue sky Witches and rainbow-hued elementals fly by on unimaginable missions. You lie drowsing in the fragrant flowers, following one of the passers-by, then another tracing der

Witches’ Flying Potion: Through the Clouds

Basque witches also created flying ointments although, perhaps because Mari, Basque Queen of Witches, flies on a fire bolt, the associations of flying on broomsticks are lacking. Instead of brooms, incantations are needed: rub the ointment on the body while repeatedly chanting something like: “Above all the thorns, through all the clouds….”

Witches’ Flying Potion

This potion is far more innocuous than the average witch’s flying ointments. Basil tea or juice was once considered sufficient to enable a witch’s flight. (This is not a spell for pregnant women or those actively attempting to conceive, although neither are the rest of the witch’s ointments…)

Russian Witches’ Flying Ointment

1.    Rub autumn gentian into the armpits and backs of knees to be enabled to fly.

2.    The most potent autumn gentian is picked on Saint John’s Eve at Bald Mountain.

Don’t run out and get autumn gentian. That may not be the exact plant used. Russian magick placed greater emphasis on the process of gathering herbs (“during the seventh minute of the fourteenth hour, under a dark moon, in the thirteenth field, wearing a red dress, pick the twelfth flower on the right”) than on precise identification of the herb itself. This isn’t meant to be completely sarcastic. Different traditions place emphasis on different aspects of magick.

Cards of Love Dream Spell

1. Remove all four playing cards corresponding to the gender of the person you desire from a deck of playing cards: kings for men and queens for women.

2. Place the four cards under your pillow to dream of your true love.

If for any reason, one card, not necessarily a court card, holds special romantic significance for you, substitute that card instead.