Your Karmic Number for June 13th is Seven

Daily Karmic Number


The number 7 in opposition is coming up for you because you have lost faith in humanity. Rather than turn away from everyone, use the time to learn about the spiritual, religious, and cultural aspects of different people. You will quickly learn that everyone is arguing the same basic points but think they are the utmost authorities. You will not be able to save the world, but you will be able to sleep easier knowing that understanding is what’s missing. Your new understanding will help you cultivate more compassion. You will listen differently to others but also to yourself. You may even find your way back to loving everyone around you.



Your Daily Karmic Number for June 11 is Nine

Your Karmic Number of the Day

This 9 indicates that you are being called to teach but you have a disdain for the classroom. There are other ways of teaching that do not include standing before others who are judging you or expressing boredom. Start with what you love to do and work through ways of using your interests as tools to educate. Your enthusiasm is what will make teaching seem less like a chore. People are attracted to those who are enjoying their lives; it will be the very thing that helps them decide to engage in what you have to say. No one will ever realize that what you share is a teaching moment.