Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, July 9

Strange forces are definitely on the prowl today – particularly on the business, professional and leadership fronts. Yesterday’s void Moon in Pisces uncertainty zone remains in effect until 5:15AM PDT when the lunar baton is handed over to fiery, independent-minded Aries. That shift gives the impression of strength and empowerment, but the Sun forms a dicey, 135-degree tie with hazy Neptune (9:10AM PDT). This is happening less than 24 hours after Mars made an off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Neptune. When Neptune is more shadowy than inspirational, we have widespread confusion, chaos, illusions and unsettled conditions taking hold throughout humanity.  It’s also important to realize that every year on or very close to July 9, the Sun triggers the Pluto discovery degree from when that distant planet came into our awareness back on February 18, 1930. If Pluto’s discovery placement becomes stimulated, circumstances beyond one’s control are often in the driver’s seat temporarily.  On the other hand, providing some positive vibrations are Vesta entering versatile and adaptable Gemini (2:26PM PDT), the Moon uniting with intuition-enhancing Uranus (9:49PM PDT), and a productivity-vitalizing Ceres-Jupiter union at 7 degrees of Gemini (10:14PM PDT). The main question will be whether this trio of celestial alignments offers a balance with the recent Neptunian cloud-cover – providing a favorable psychic environment as Monday night morphs into Tuesday morning.