Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, Jan. 13th

Compared to today’s cosmic intensity, yesterday was a cream puff or cake-walk. Of course, knowing this is a Friday the Thirteenth does not offer comfort to those of you who are highly superstitious. Meanwhile, Venus, the traditional planet of love, makes a flowing trine to taskmaster, ringed Saturn (1:06AM PST) only a few hours before Mercury unites with Pluto in Capricorn (5:04AM PST), Ceres parallels Saturn (5:13AM PST), and Venus unites with Neptune in Aquarius (7:18AM PST). If you think you have life, business affairs and primary partnerships all figured out, think again. Venus trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Ceres parallel Saturn, and Venus merging with Neptune – all within 6+ hours of time – constitute a major test of faith and confidence. When so many potent alignments are squashed within a short period of time, giving a cogent interpretation is impossible. However, each piece of the puzzle has an essential meaning. Venus trine Saturn suggests that some sensible progress on the financial front is possible. Mercury cavorting with Pluto can make anyone into an amateur detective – energized by the fierce desire to get to the root of long-standing mysteries and secrets. Ceres and Saturn together is a reminder to learn more about your parental heritage and archetypes. Venus in cahoots with Neptune can rev up your romantic and erotic nature or increase confusion on the love front. The Moon uniting with Mars in Virgo (4:37PM PST) adds a further touch of volatility, passion or excitement. A Sun-Moon flowing trine in earth signs (5:59PM PST) sounds appealing at first glance, but it also begins a fairly long void lunar cycle that lasts until 5:29AM PST tomorrow. Be aware that Venus enters the sign of its exaltation – Pisces – at 9:48PM PST. Venus remains in compassionate and empathic Pisces until February 7.