The Daily Cosmic Calendar for June 14

The cosmos continues to take a respite from its usual mode of fierce attack on earthlings. Yesterday was akin to a calm summer breeze and today is close to a walk in the park. The Moon in Aries is still void as this Thursday begins and it’s not until 9:23AM PDT that the lunar orb enters its exalted placement in earthy Taurus.  Once the Moon enters Taurus, your green thumb begins to throb and the garden calls for attention. Cooking, baking and enjoying Mother Nature’s domain are in all in the cards right now.  The area of life to be careful of is primary partnerships since the Sun in Gemini makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Juno in Scorpio (11:55AM PDT). Being pushy and manipulative with loved ones is taboo. Strive to be extra sensitive and respectful rather than critical and brusque.  Meanwhile, arts, crafts and hobbies receive the good housekeeping seal of approval – courtesy of the Moon forming a parallel to Ceres (1:57PM PDT). This can be a great day to be productive across the board and add nutritious foods to your daily diet.  Your creative imagination takes flight when the Moon makes a supportive, 60-degree liaison with vision-enhancing Neptune (3:43PM PDT). Enjoy a night on the town with a significant other and let the good times roll!