Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 16

Hold Everything! After the Uranian and Mercurial reversals of the past couple of days, now it is Juno at 22 degrees of Scorpio which is on center stage by making a station and moving direct (3:58AM PDT). [Juno will remain in forward motion until June 14, 2013.]  Juno themes – empowerment or disempowerment in primary partnerships, beauty, elegance, style, equality, marriage, diplomacy and peace treaties, fairness under the law, apparel and fashion design, jealousy, envy, and rage by the small and disenfranchised – are accentuated throughout the day.  Making this Monday more tense and uncertain are a caustic, 135-degree connection from the Sun to Chiron (1:44AM PDT) as well as a void lunar cycle in Gemini that starts at 3:58AM PDT (the exact moment of the Juno station!) and lasts over 13 hours until 5:32PM PDT. Be the picture of human kindness during the void lunar twilight zone. Complete odd jobs, but don’t launch new projects.  Strive to remain productive in your key areas of expertise as Ceres forms a supportive, 60-degree liaison with Uranus (7:25AM PDT). However, it is easy to remain on the hot seat since Mars is contra-parallel Uranus (9:30AM PDT), Vesta squares Neptune (2:42PM PDT), and Mars is also parallel to Chiron (2:38PM PDT). The main cosmic message appears to be stay out of trouble, and steer clear of signings, legal matters, involvement with foolish investments, and making long-term commitments.  Once the Moon enters its natural abode of watery Cancer (5:32PM PDT), shift your gaze to residential and family matters. Cooking, baking, gardening, and clean-up campaigns are back in vogue. Nostalgic feelings and sentiments are rampant. Learn more about your ancestral tree. Film and literary classics capture your imagination as the Moon forms a supportive, 60-degree connection with psychic Neptune (10:50PM PDT).