Daily Cosmic Calendar for February 1st

February 2012 definitely has some tricks up its sleeve. Therefore, be prepared for anything – especially as Mercury turns the tables on the red planet Mars via a dicey, 135-degree aspect (12:53AM PST). Seemingly smooth discussions can suddenly become spicy debates or raging arguments. Don’t let that happen on your watch. The lunar orb meandering through the end of earthy Taurus may also open some old, tearful wounds if you are not careful. Void Moon observers should note that a short 9-minute cycle occurs from 11:07AM PST to 11:16AM PST. Thereafter, the Moon lunges into eager, curious and flexible Gemini for the next 2+ days. Reading, writing, arts, crafts, and hobbies take center stage. Weather permitting, toss a Frisbee around, fly a kite or ride your bike through the neighborhood. Giving you a run for the money is a Venus-Mars polarity (3:42PM PST) – stretching from Pisces to Virgo. While some romantic sparks can certainly fly, this sky pattern can equally represent a dynamic, illuminating interchange between lovers, friends and almost any type of partners. Tap into emotional empowerment later on as the Sun forms an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Juno (11:08PM PST). See the beauty and elegance of the universe all around you rather than complain about trivial pursuits.