Lunar Influences

Lunar Influences

New Moon  – marks the beginning or ritual works which is positive in  nature and the beginning of growth.
Full Moon  – marks the peak of power. All things are focused and Concentrated.
Waning Moon  – marks negative and destructive energies.
Aries, Leo, Sag. – The moon in these signs accents rituals of love or  friendship.
Taurus, Virgo, Cap. – The moon in these signs accents rituals of astral dealing  and Spirit workings.
Cancer, Scorpio, – The moon in these signs accents rituals, which involve  subconscious
Pisces – workings and psychic attack.


Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 10th

When numerous alignments occur within one 24-hour time-period, many changes are in the process of manifesting. Your job is steer clear of confusion and chaos. This issue is made more pertinent today because Neptune at 1 degree of Pisces ends five months of retrograde motion by halting its forward progress and beginning to move direct (11:53PM PST). Because this official station and turnaround occurs at the end of the day, all of this Saturday falls into a high-uncertainty category.  Here’s the gauntlet of aspects you need to run through and past in order to stay grounded and mentally clear. Mercury makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Ceres (12:39AM PST) while Venus parallels Chiron (1:14AM PST). The first sky pattern may reduce your all-around productivity while the second link-up is a boost for healing treatments. However, the Moon in Virgo is still void until 1:36AM PST as the lunar orb enters Libra for the next two days.  Productivity is still wavering as the Sun forms a dicey, 135-degree tie to Ceres (1:45AM PST). Better vibrations enter the astro-psychic scene a few hours later when the Moon parallels Chiron (4:01AM PST) and Venus (4:18AM PST). It is possible to utilize this double lunar parallel to reinforce romantic ties and primary partnership bonds that may have been fraying at the edges in recent days.  Another reason to cheer about improved relationship ties is that Venus in Libra makes a supportive, 60-degree alliance with Juno in Sagittarius (7:17PM PST). Both of these celestial bodies, in an upbeat and favorable alignment, can superbly enhance feminine interests and offer emotional empowerment during a shaky evening when Neptune is motionless.  With Neptune extra potent — due to its lack of motion from the Earth’s vantage point — focus your attention on its principal themes such as psychic sensitivity, creative imagination, artistic innovation, idealism, universal love-wisdom, religious beliefs, dreams and visions, music and dance, film and video work, photography, nebulosity, mental and emotional uncertainty, fanaticism, addictive behavior, con-artists and lying.

The Witches Almanac for *Thursday, November 8th


The Witches Almanac for *Thursday, November 8th

*Thursday (Jupiter): Expansion, money, prosperity and generosity.

The Lord Mayor’s Show (English)


Moon Sign: *Virgo

*Virgo: Favors accomplishment of details and commands from higher up. Focuses on health, hygiene and daily schedules.

*Waning Moon

*The Waning Moon is a time for study, meditation and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Incense: Mulberry

Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter

Color: Purple



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Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 7th

It may be hard to get your bearings and traction right now. With Mercury doing backstrokes for nearly three weeks, it is best to review and re-evaluate recent business, literary and educational pursuits. Be extra careful when using your John Hancock or making long-term agreements.  Another fairly lengthy void lunar cycle — this time in Leo — enters the scene at 7:28AM PST (during a vitalizing Moon-Mars trine). This limbo time-period lasts until 8:36PM PST when the Moon enters earthy, meticulous Virgo. During the 13 hours when the Moon is in its uncertainty zone, finish odd jobs while you strive to go with the cosmic flow.  You receive some incentive to accomplish several tasks from your to-do list as Mars makes an inspirational, 72-degree link to Chiron (10:50AM PST). This aspect doubles as an encouragement regarding learning more about holistic healing and alternative medical techniques. Steer clear of mental burnout due to Pallas forming a square to Mars (12:24PM PST).  The Moon’s entry into Virgo (8:36PM PST) puts the little details of life under the magnifying glass. Small is beautiful becomes your motto. Sewing, clean-up campaigns and repair work are accentuated with the current lunar transit in the sixth sign of the zodiac. Visualize yourself as a supreme organizer and efficiency master across the board.