Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 25th

Once a year, the Sun and Saturn merge their influences in the zodiac (1:33AM PDT), but this is their first union in Scorpio since the George Orwellian year of 1984. Any Sun-Saturn conjunction forces every human being to face old fears, karma and actions taken and not taken. However, when Scorpio is added to the mix, this rendezvous between the radiant center of light in our solar system and the guardian of knowledge, achievement and responsibility can be rather intense and scary.  Nevertheless, each step forward, in dealing with the shadows of the past, can bring you a burgeoning self-confidence and ability to utilize logic and common sense to be successful in business and professional work. It doesn’t hurt that Mercury in Scorpio makes a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Venus in Virgo (10:12AM PDT). Get going with key literary projects, arts, crafts and hobbies.  Try out a new seafood or fish chowder recipe on eager family members under the aegis of flowing Pisces Moon. Be more generous with hugs and kisses. Strut your stuff on the dance floor as the lunar orb in the twelfth sign can give you happy feet.