Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for June 4th

Stop, look and listen! Silence is golden in the early hours as the Partial Lunar Eclipse strikes first at 4:04AM PDT followed 9 minutes later by the Full Moon at 4:13AM PDT (activating 15 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius). Individual and group meditations are encouraged during what some esoteric groups call the Festival of Humanity. Send out your inspiring thoughts and prayers to friends, colleagues, relatives and the kingdoms of nature. Worrying about your own personal needs is a no-no. Think more about your higher destiny in this lifetime and how you can be of greater service to the invisible host of teachers, angels and spirits that orchestrate the universe from their elevated perspectives. Giving your religious beliefs and philosophy of life extra support is Neptune becoming motionless at 4 degrees of Pisces (2:05PM PDT) as it gradually shifts into retrograde motion – a reversal direction that lasts until November 10. All Neptune themes – dreams and visions, psychic sensitivity, the creative imagination, spiritual longings, ideals, artistic genius, universal love-wisdom, fishing and sailing, water sports, illusions, fantasies, confusion and chaos, addictive behavior and being hooked on anyone and anything – are intensified. Adding to today’s carnival-like atmosphere is a Venus-Mars square from Gemini to Virgo (5:29PM PDT). Strive for serenity in affairs of the heart. Fortunately, Venus will also make an inspirational, 72-degree contact with Pallas (6:34PM PDT) – offering encouragement regarding problem-solving and strategy sessions. The Moon, still transiting, adventurous and playful Sagittarius goes retrograde during a Moon-Mercury opposition (10:09PM PDT). Complete odd jobs and old projects on a high note during the next 7-hour uncertainty zone until the Moon enters industrious, earthy Capricorn at 5:32AM PDT on Tuesday.