The Witches’ Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid is a concept which some spellcasters never hear about, but it’s a valuable meditative device. It lists four key actions. To Know; To Dare; To Will; To Be Silent. These four concepts bear much fruit upon meditation, and mean different things in every individual spelllcaster’s life, but here are some concepts associated with each action for you to start thinking about.

To Know

Every spellcaster has the right and the responsibility to gather as much knowledge as possible, by experiencing as much as you can, by reading as much as you can, by thinking, by discussing with others and by being open to new ideas. It means amassing experience upon which to base future decisions and judgments.

To Will

A spellcaster’s most valuable personal tool is his or her will. Your will is what creates  change in the world around you. Your desire might begin it, but your will forces it to happen. By focusing your willpower you direct your determination to act upon your environment, you circumstances, and your life. Your will is what drives your desire to improve and excel. It is the key to your success.

To Dare

A spellcaster has to dare to take action and change his or her circumstances. To dare means to apply the knowledge you have gathered. It also means that you have to take risks, push your boundaries, and challenge yourself. Dare to go beyond what you see already familiar with, and beyond who you are today in order to make a better  tomorrow for yourself and for your loved ones.

To Be Silent

The value of keeping quiet is often overlooked in today’s society where everyone is jockeying to have their own say and to be heard. There’s a wonderful adage that illustrates this concept: “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it to be true..” Judge carefully as to whom you should discuss your accomplishments, your spellwork, and your beliefs with. There are those who believe that to speak of something draws power away from it, rendering it weak. Keeping silent also avoids the needless waste of energy.