Daily Feng Shui Tip forJanuary 23 – ‘National Pie Day’

Here’s an interesting fact worth sharing on today’s ‘National Pie Day.’ Did you know that at one time pies were illegal? Englishman Oliver Cromwell banned all pies in the Commonwealth because he believed them to harbor mystical and magical energies. According to ancient lore, he might have been right. These legends say that round pies induce a connection to spirits while square pies promote prosperity. Pies topped with intricate latticework induce protective energies while apple pie offer healing and peace. And who doesn’t love a good peace of pie?

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


A Little Magick To Brighten Your Winter – Sweater Magic

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 Sweater Magic

When the air gets chilly, it’s time to dig out your sweaters, hats, and scarves and bundle up. Don’t let all those extra clothes get you down, though — make the most of it by adding a dash of magick to your cold weather wardrobe. Draw pentacles on clothing tags to attract wealth, anoint zippers with magickally attuned essential oils, decorate sweater buttons with meaningful sigils. Pin small pieces of herbs onto hats: pine for prosperity, holly for protection, fir for extra energy and a youthful flow. You can even charm your favorite scarf to encourage good cheer — choose beads in a happy color like blue or yellow, add your own symbols to the beads using a permanent marker, and tie them onto the scarf with yarn.


Sweater Magic
By Melanie Marquis
Llewellyn’s 2013
Magical Almanac

Your Daily Feng Shui tip for Jan. 4th – ‘Kitchen Gods’

Forget Christmas and those four calling birds, on the fourth day of the New Year Feng Shui says that a magically delicious meal should be cooked and the kitchen gods acknowledged. This tradition advises that there is a kitchen god in every home that can substantially add to the flavor and happiness of every occupant of every home. One of the kitchen gods that I acknowledge on this special day is Zhou Chun. On the fourth day of every New Year I write his name in red ink on red paper and affix that above my oven. He’s a pretty swell dining companion and always brings the best hostess gifts. Just you wait and see.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com