Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 24 – ‘National Compliment Day’

Today’s ‘National Compliment Day’ recipe will have them eating right out of your hands, or, more appropriately, drinking a magically complimentary elixir from your kitchen. This next recipe comes from ancient Indian texts and tells how we can say or think the sweetest things, and how we can get someone else do the exact same. You need a small amount of saffron, almonds and milk. Mix sliced almonds and some of the saffron together and then boil that in milk. The lore surrounding this secret recipe says that whoever drinks this will then be blessed and think only sweet thoughts and say only sweet words. This legend continues that drinking this mixture will also allow anyone imbibing to expel their anger and forget their woes. Got milk? I hope so.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


Daily Feng Shui Tip for January 13th – ‘Rubber Duckie’s Birthday’

Today is ‘Rubber Duckie’s Birthday,’ and if you want someone to think that you’re ‘the one’ and to make your own bath time much more fun, then you could use a duckie or two. Feng Shui says that a pair of mandarin ducks placed with loving intent into the ‘Romance/Relationship’ area of main floor or bedroom (or both) will quickly bring a perfect partner to you. And who doesn’t want a perfect partner to help feather their nest? If it walks like a perfect partner and talks like a perfect partner, well then it is the perfect partner! Thanks for the love, mandarin duckies — we’re awfully fond of you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com