Your Daily Feng Shui For December 31st – ‘Lore for New Year’s Eve’

Let’s ring in the best New Year ever! That’s right, why not make it hot in the old town tonight? You can do exactly that if you burn seven candles anytime after sunset. These candles will bring unlimited amounts of fortune and luck on this night and the next 365 to follow, especially if that intention is attached. Or, a few minutes before the clock strikes twelve, open every door and window in the house and allow the old and stale to exit and be replaced by the fresh and fabulous. Throw some cash into the house while standing immediately outside the entryway door and you can expect more of the same as the year unfolds. If at midnight you wash your face with pure spring or rainwater and look into a mirror by candlelight that mirror will declare you the fairest of them all for all of the next year! Finally, make sure that the very first words that anyone speaks to you in this New Year are symbolic or representative of how you want your year to be. Happy New Year will do it, but happy, healthy, loving and prosperous New Year says it even better. That’s my New Year’s wish for you, from my house to yours!

By Ellen Whitehurst for