Your Feng Shui Tip for Dec. 29th – ‘Tick Tock Day’

There’s no better day than ‘Tick Tock Day’ to remind us that the countdown to the New Year has begun. In fact, it might be a great day to buy some round foods to eat on New Year’s Day. Round foods are thought to bring luck throughout the following year. Many cultures maintain that anything in a round shape will ring in tons of great fortune since this shape symbolizes the end of one year and a seamless beginning to the next. The Dutch say that eating donuts on New Year’s Day will fill any money holes you have in your life. Many cooks in the Southern United States believe that eating black-eyed peas is another way to magnetize awesome good luck. Cabbage is also eaten to attract luck and boost immunity. But never use a knife, scissors or anything cutting on New Year’s Day lest you cut the cords connected to all that fortune, health and luck.

By Ellen Whitehurst for