Your Feng Shui Tip for Jan. 1 – ‘Happy New Year’

Happy New Year! Feng Shui says that making an effort to rest is the best way to start off any New Year! That’s it. Just relax if you want to start this year off in a wonderful way. Feng Shui also advises that housework should not be done today lest you sweep, wash or vacuum all your good luck away! Don’t use scissors or knives today, as they have a threatening nature and can contribute to ongoing tension and stress. This philosophy also warns against crying or quarreling today. As you can tell, the masters of Feng Shui believed that whatever occurs on this day will set the precedent for the rest of the year to come. I will also share that you should eat round foods for fortune, eat oranges for prosperity and speak sweet words for an even sweeter New Year ahead! Like I said, Happy New Year!

By Ellen Whitehurst for