The Perfect Spell for the New Year, I Give You My Friend – Prosperity Spell

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 Prosperity Spell


To ensure a good measure of prosperity for the New Year, take some play money or a few Hell notes (purchased in any New Age Shop). Write your financial wish for the New Year on it. Hold it in front of an altar set with a green tablecloth and cauldron and visualize your wish coming true. When you are satisfied with your image, say the following words:

“Let my spell be spread on air.

Nothing may my wish impair.

Bring success and wealth to me.

As this I burn, So Mote It Be!”


Burn the paper in your cauldron. When the ashes are cooled, release them to the wind.


What A Beautiful & Blessed Day, My Dear Sisters & Brothers!

Good Morning, dear friends! I would have been here sooner but I have been looking for some graphics. In particular, fireworks graphics. I wanted to put up a huge firework display here. Why? Because this is the first morning I have woke up in true peace. And it was all due to the election results. I know some of you probably thought I had when off the deep end about the campaign and the candidates. But, I get these feelings and they are never wrong. Everyone tells me, the feelings are my witchy feelings coming through. For I don’t know how long, I had the feeling of dread and it was due to the campaign for President.  I had the feelings and I would also get quick visions of things to come. I can guarantee you those quick visions weren’t pleasant at all. I know our Religion was at stake and also women’s rights. Now that feeling of dread has passed and I am once again at peace with myself. You don’t know what a wonderful feeling that is! It is fantastic!

I hope everyone who wanted to vote yesterday had the opportunity. I saw on the television were people were having to wait in line for 4 hours to vote. That is determination to make sure your voice is heard. I applaud those individuals. I know all of us left here early because our local TV station was telling everyone to get to the polls early. There was supposedly long line here, yeah, right! I came home and picked up hubby and Kiki and we went to the polls. There were a few there but no long lines, heck we live out in the boonies. I am surprised they don’t use carrier pigeons out here. Walk in, write a little note, attach it to the pigeon’s leg and throw the pigeon out the window. And your vote is off, lol! But I blew the girl at the registration desk mind. Hubby insisted I take Kiki in. So I did. I walked in. The first thing I asked the girl (being humorous, I thought) was “Can I vote twice?” The girl looked at me totally puzzled. I looked at Kiki and told her that she wanted to vote too. So could I vote for her? The girl looked at me very seriously and asked me if Kiki was registered. I said yes, just kidding. The girl started flipping the pages of the book looking for Kiki’s name. I told her I was just kidding and she looked at me like she didn’t understand me. I told her again, I was just kidding. She finally got it and laughed. Brother, never kid with the registration officials! Who knew you could have such fun at the voting polls! Only in the boonies!

I have one thing real quick I want to talk to you about or rather ask your opinion. I have been looking through other Pagan websites and I noticed all of them had put up Yule graphics. I know that is our next Sabbat. But I was wondering how you would feel if I put Thanksgiving on our front page? I know it isn’t a Pagan holiday, of course. But I believe it is a holiday we all enjoy whether we are Pagan or not. Who doesn’t love to pick the skin off the turkey and eat it. Not to mention the sweet potatoes and dressing. I was thinking since Thanksgiving is really a tradition that spread across all Paths and Religions, would you be offended if I put up a Thanksgiving page? I want to hear from you if I would. Seriously. You are not going to hurt my feelings at all. Remember this is your blog, we do this everyday for you and I surely don’t want to offend anyone. So let me know, Thanksgiving page, YES or NO! Hey we are having a Thanksgiving Election, lol! Damn and I thought all the campaigning was over, lol!

Have a super, fantastic day and let me know your opinion on the front page!

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A


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Sending Tons Of Love To All My Dear Friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends!

I have a lot to chat about but I am running late. So I will save our little talk for another day. I know that is a huge relief for you, lol! I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and spend it with the one you love.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A