A Little Magick To Brighten Your Winter – Sweater Magic

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 Sweater Magic

When the air gets chilly, it’s time to dig out your sweaters, hats, and scarves and bundle up. Don’t let all those extra clothes get you down, though — make the most of it by adding a dash of magick to your cold weather wardrobe. Draw pentacles on clothing tags to attract wealth, anoint zippers with magickally attuned essential oils, decorate sweater buttons with meaningful sigils. Pin small pieces of herbs onto hats: pine for prosperity, holly for protection, fir for extra energy and a youthful flow. You can even charm your favorite scarf to encourage good cheer — choose beads in a happy color like blue or yellow, add your own symbols to the beads using a permanent marker, and tie them onto the scarf with yarn.


Sweater Magic
By Melanie Marquis
Llewellyn’s 2013
Magical Almanac

Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Life is good no matter how
you knit it up
or unravel it.
Pure and simple
Life is good
when you are knitting.

Life is good
No matter how
you sing it
whether the tune
is sweet or not.
Life is good
when you are singing.

Life is good
No matter whether
you are running hot
or whether you
are running cold.
Life is good
when you are running.

Life is good
no matter if the story
is fresh or old
the import is that
your story is.

Life is good.
It just is.

Copyright © 2007 Shelley Joy Tellez