Spell of the Cord

Spell of the Cord


By the knot of one, the spells begun
By the knot of two it cometh true
By the knot of three, thus shall it be
By the knot of four, tis strengthened more
By the knot of five,so may it thrive
By the kniot of six, the spell we fix
By the knot of seven, the stars of heaven
By the knot of eight,the hand of fate
By the knot of ninethe thing is mine.


To Stop Unwelcome Guests


To Stop Unwelcome Guests

When someone drops in on you at an inconvenient time, you can make him want to leave your house with this spell. Take your trusty broom, put it, with the handle facing the visitor, behind the door of an adjoining room. Soon the person will feel very uncomfortable and leave.
(This is a one-day spell only; the next day the person regains his usual desire to visit you.)

To cut out someone’s visits entirely, cast this spell. At midnight, put your broom across the threshold of the door the visitor uses and say:


“Guard well this threshold.
Guard well this door.
Make sure that (the visitor)
Will cross it no more.”


Spells and Spell Casting

Spells and spell casting

When talking about spells and spell casting you can get into some sticky
situations. No other subject can cause so many divisions in the pagan

It seems that there are as many different ways and ethical practices as
there are gods and goddesses in the universe. If you take into
consideration that spells and the way you cast them is what makes them
effective it begins to make perfect sense why.

In effective spell casting there are three very important ingredients that
you must have, resolve, focus, and comfort.

Without resolve there can be no change, it is your commitment to an action
that is the basis of a spell. You have to really want it! Without a genuine
intention to effect a change you are casting magic to the wind, cluttering
up an otherwise flowing universe. Spells without resolve can be detrimental
undirected or worse misdirected energy is free to change unknown

Make sure you really want the change you are trying to make. When you get
it, it’s yours. This is where a little divination would come in handy to
make sure you will be truly happy with the outcome of your spell.

Focus, direction, or meditation, how good can aim? The focus of your spell
casting is as important as the resolve to make a change. If you can’t see
the broad side of a barn you will not have the ability to effect a change
on it. You have to be able to taste it! If you physically build a dog
house, you have to have some idea what it will look like when you are done.
A spell is like a dog house, if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look
like when your done, you could very well end up with a failed attempt or
worse. You have to belive it’s possible. If you can’t belive that something
is possible it’s not. Anything is possible if you truly belive it can
happen. If you belive you can make a change and you know how the change
will take place and you can picture the end result of your spell, you are

Comfort is easy, if you can’t ethically accept the responsibility for your
spell or there is something that bothers you about what you are trying to
do or how you are going about it, don’t. You are the power in your spell,
you are the creator and the control.

Poor comfort will mess up your focus and your resolve. Without comfort you
will have a very poor spell at best.

Money Tree Spell

Money Tree Spell

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately. But this spell will help increase your cash flow.

Items You Will Need:

  • Gold and/or silver ribbons
  • Small charms, earrings, beads or crystals
  • Bells or wind chimes

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waxing Moon, in the Spring or Summer in the Fall or Winter, do this spell when the Waxing Moon is in Taurus

The Spell:

Tie the ribbons loosely on the branches of a favorite tree that’s special to you. Hang the other adornments on the branches as well. These objects represent gifts or offerings to the Nature Spirits, in return for their assistance in bringing your wealth. As you attach each item, state your intention aloud and ask the Nature Spirits to help you acquire what you desire. When you’ve finished, thank the tree and the Nature Spirits.



Loosely bind a dark feather with a thin thread to a tree and say the following, (or something similar):
“From stress and heartache free me.
From all the chaos of the day free me.
From stagnant thoughts free me.
From idleness and feelings of helplessness free me Wind, free me.”
Walk away. When the wind tugs the feather from the tree, you will be freed.

Spell Of The Day – Reviving Bath Spell

Spell Of The Day – Reviving Bath Spell
by Anna Franklin
When you are mentally and physically drained from a long day of stress and toil, take a muslin bag and add the following:


1 palmful of rosemary leaves
1 palmful of mint leaves
1 palmful of linden leaves
1 palmful of orange peel


Tie the top of the bag, and drop it in a warm bath. Light three orange candles in the bathroom, then relax in the bath for twenty minutes to allow the herbs to work their intrinsic magic.


A Spell to Help You Keep A Positive Attitude In Illness and Thereby Encourage Healing

A daily spell can help you to focus your own self-healing powers and will act as a reminder that you are still yourself and not the illness.

You will need:

Sheets of white paper; a selection of crayons in rainbow colours; a black pencil.


Every day of the illness, when you get up.

The spell:

  • On day one, draw an outline of a figure and cover it with black dots.

  • Crayola over the dots with different colours. When you have finished, say six times: Today I will feel better, and tomorrow I will recover even more

  • Throw away the paper.

  • Each day, draw fewer and fainter black dots and make the colours brighter and more intense. Repeat the chant six times and throw away the paper

  • When after a number of days you have no more dots to draw, just colour the figure and repeat the words six times. The spell is done.

Crafting The Spell: Laying The Groundwork

Spells function best when some sort of context exists for them in which to manifest. Have you acted in the physical world to work on the situation you intend to address with a spell? Spells will not solve your problems for you. They will help, but leaving them to function without putting any other effort in on your end reduces the chances of the spell coming to successful fruition. Would you cast a spell to pass an exam for an area of study with which you had no experience? What would be the point of that?

Guidelines for Crafting Your Own Spells

  1. Identify your goal or desire.

  2. Examine the context of the situation.

  3. Evaluate the repercussions

  4. Refine the specifies of your need or desire

  5. Decide on a time.

  6. Decide on a method.

  7. Choose correspondences and components.

  8. Creat central symbolic action.

  9. Write the text of the spell.

  10. Write the complete list of materials needed.

When To Cast a Spell—and When Not To

You can pretty much cast a spell any time you feel comfortable doing so. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must:

  • Have a valid need or desire, clearly delineated

  • Be in the correct frame of mind

  • Be in the proper state of health

If you cannot aim your spell as a clearly defined goal, then you have no concept of what you truly wish to manifest as a result of that spell. Apart from being a waste of energy, this can create more problems as the energy your spell casts out into the world bounces randomly like a pinball around and through the issues in your life. With no clear goal or need, a spell becomes dangerously unpredictable.

Your mental state is crucial to your success. Being distracted or worried will weaken your focus and your subsequent effects. States of high emotion can also be dangerous. Emotion is one of the energy sources that fuels spells. This might sound ideal to you, and in one respect, it is: the ability to feel intense emotion during the casting process can help you a lot. However, that intense emotion should be summoned and accessed during the process. If you fire off a spell as an emotional reaction to something, you are guilty of not thinking the situation through. You are not in proper command of yourself, which you need to be in order to cast a focused and well-aimed spell. Spells are a method of controlling yourself and your life, and to cast like this is not only irresponsible, it undermines the whole principle of creating positive change in your life.

Your state of health is also vitally important. When you are ill, your personal energies are unbalanced, and your handling of outside energies will be affected. Every spell, no matter how many other power sources you pull in such as components and correspondences, uses your own personal energy to guide it. Casting while ill can worsen your physical health, leaving you low on vital energy. Raising energy is a crucial step within the spellcasting process, and it takes energy to raise energy. Remember, spells don’t replace work: they are work. Many practitioners feel like they’ve run a marathon after casting a spell. If you had the choice, would you run a marathon if you were sick? Probably not: in fact, most of us want to stay home from work as soon as we experience the first warning signs of a cold. Casting while ill is irresponsible, as it counters the principle of creating beneficial change. It is somewhat hypocritical to attempt to create beneficial change in your life when you’re making yourself more ill by doing so.

What about casting a spell to regain your health? This is the one and only exception to the rule about performing spells while ill. However, make sure the spell you craft or use isn’t too taxing, and choose a gentler method of raising energy.