Spells and Spell Casting

Spells and spell casting

When talking about spells and spell casting you can get into some sticky
situations. No other subject can cause so many divisions in the pagan

It seems that there are as many different ways and ethical practices as
there are gods and goddesses in the universe. If you take into
consideration that spells and the way you cast them is what makes them
effective it begins to make perfect sense why.

In effective spell casting there are three very important ingredients that
you must have, resolve, focus, and comfort.

Without resolve there can be no change, it is your commitment to an action
that is the basis of a spell. You have to really want it! Without a genuine
intention to effect a change you are casting magic to the wind, cluttering
up an otherwise flowing universe. Spells without resolve can be detrimental
undirected or worse misdirected energy is free to change unknown

Make sure you really want the change you are trying to make. When you get
it, it’s yours. This is where a little divination would come in handy to
make sure you will be truly happy with the outcome of your spell.

Focus, direction, or meditation, how good can aim? The focus of your spell
casting is as important as the resolve to make a change. If you can’t see
the broad side of a barn you will not have the ability to effect a change
on it. You have to be able to taste it! If you physically build a dog
house, you have to have some idea what it will look like when you are done.
A spell is like a dog house, if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look
like when your done, you could very well end up with a failed attempt or
worse. You have to belive it’s possible. If you can’t belive that something
is possible it’s not. Anything is possible if you truly belive it can
happen. If you belive you can make a change and you know how the change
will take place and you can picture the end result of your spell, you are

Comfort is easy, if you can’t ethically accept the responsibility for your
spell or there is something that bothers you about what you are trying to
do or how you are going about it, don’t. You are the power in your spell,
you are the creator and the control.

Poor comfort will mess up your focus and your resolve. Without comfort you
will have a very poor spell at best.