Money Tree Spell

Money Tree Spell

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately. But this spell will help increase your cash flow.

Items You Will Need:

  • Gold and/or silver ribbons
  • Small charms, earrings, beads or crystals
  • Bells or wind chimes

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waxing Moon, in the Spring or Summer in the Fall or Winter, do this spell when the Waxing Moon is in Taurus

The Spell:

Tie the ribbons loosely on the branches of a favorite tree that’s special to you. Hang the other adornments on the branches as well. These objects represent gifts or offerings to the Nature Spirits, in return for their assistance in bringing your wealth. As you attach each item, state your intention aloud and ask the Nature Spirits to help you acquire what you desire. When you’ve finished, thank the tree and the Nature Spirits.


Guidelines for Crafting Your Own Spells

  1. Identify your goal or desire.

  2. Examine the context of the situation.

  3. Evaluate the repercussions

  4. Refine the specifies of your need or desire

  5. Decide on a time.

  6. Decide on a method.

  7. Choose correspondences and components.

  8. Creat central symbolic action.

  9. Write the text of the spell.

  10. Write the complete list of materials needed.