A Spell to Help You Keep A Positive Attitude In Illness and Thereby Encourage Healing

A daily spell can help you to focus your own self-healing powers and will act as a reminder that you are still yourself and not the illness.

You will need:

Sheets of white paper; a selection of crayons in rainbow colours; a black pencil.


Every day of the illness, when you get up.

The spell:

  • On day one, draw an outline of a figure and cover it with black dots.

  • Crayola over the dots with different colours. When you have finished, say six times: Today I will feel better, and tomorrow I will recover even more

  • Throw away the paper.

  • Each day, draw fewer and fainter black dots and make the colours brighter and more intense. Repeat the chant six times and throw away the paper

  • When after a number of days you have no more dots to draw, just colour the figure and repeat the words six times. The spell is done.