Daily Motivator for July 16 – As you choose to be

As you choose to be

You don’t have to let the surroundings and occurrences of your world bring  you stress. You can choose to give them love and appreciation.

Instead of handing out judgments about every little frustration, annoyance  and disturbance, you can exude peace and positive purpose. Instead of letting  life get to you, let real, authentic joy flow forth from you.

You are perfectly capable of being ever peaceful, even though you may not  always be in peaceful surroundings. You are easily and naturally able to be  continually positive, regardless of what may come your way.

The quality of your life in every moment is your decision. Peace is not a  place or even an external condition, but a choice of how you are.

Let go of conflicting thoughts about how life is supposed to be. Live life  simply and purely as you choose to be.

Enjoy the immense richness that is always within you, and around you, and  extending infinitely out from you. Choose love, peace, joy and positive purpose  in every moment, and feel how outstandingly good it is to give life your very  best.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator 


Your Magickal Spell for July 16 – Spell to Send Love & Light Through Pendulum

Magickal Spell for Monday, July 16th

Spell to Send Love and Light Through a Pendulum

Even if you are not confident about sending healing, you can transmit love and light to a person who is ill or unhappy or whom you know is under intense pressure. The easiest and most powerful tool for this is a crystal pendulum. It will simplify and transmit your own positive feelings and wishes, even if you have never tried healing before.

What You Will Need:

A white or purple candle; a clear quartz or amethyst crystal pendulum (even a small one works).
When To Cast:

At last light.

The Spell:

  1. If possible facing the sunset, light the candle.
  2. Hold the pendulum in front of the candle so that the light shines on it.
  3. Spin the pendulum gently so that the candle light reflects through it. As you look at the spiraling light, project into the pendulum (as if you were looking through a window) an image of the person you are sending love and light to.
  4. Speak, either aloud or in your head, the words you would like the person to hear, and visualize him or her smiling in response and perhaps holding out a hand.
  5. Spin the pendulum even faster, so that the color blurs.
  6. When the pendulum reverses direction, blow out the candle, using your own words to send the love and light to the face in the crystal.

Wooo! Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 6th – International/World Kiss Day!

Today is both ‘International Kissing Day’ and ‘World Kiss Day,’ so we need to pucker up and put some fast romance Feng Shui to work! Let’s look at eight easy ways to do just that. Eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers in the Feng Shui pantheon and is used to make certain that the most perfect partner kisses you. In order to ensure that lip lock, locate the Love and Romance area of your bedroom and put a pair of red lanterns or lights there. Or you can heat up your love life by positioning one red and one yellow candle in that same space. A pair of unpainted mandarin ducks or doves placed in this same space will help your romance take flight, while a pair of clear quartz crystals will ground you and let your love take root. The fifth way to energize your bedroom (and your love life) is to place an image of the double happiness symbol over the headboard of your bed or beside the two red lanterns already heating up the romance area. You can also hang pictures of mountains here to support earth energy, use the lover’s mystic knot as a feature on bedroom furniture, or lastly, display images (or the real thing) of either narcissus or pink peonies to create a healthy and happy love life.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com