Dragons of Venus

Dragons of Venus


Notes: Perform on a Friday and/or during the waxing Moon, with the Full Moon being strongest. A pale green, light blue or pink candle.

Day: Friday

Color: Green, light blue, pale green, pink.

Metal: Copper.

Stones: Amber, malachite, jade, peridot, coral, emerald, turquoise.

Plants: Ambergris, catnip, wild cherry, deer’s tongue, lemon verbena, mugwort, red saunders, rose, sandalwood, savory, thyme, vetiver, violet, yarrow.
Rules: Taurus, Libra

Oils: Ambergris, apple blossom, cherry, mint, rose, tuberose, vervain, violet, ylang ylang.

Rituals Involving: Love, marriage, friendship, pleasure, beauty, artistic creativity, imagination, fertility, partnerships, sex, spiritual harmony, compassion, children.

Physical Chant:

My heart and soul long for true love and friendships.

Dragons of Venus, share these gifts,

For through experiencing them, I shall become stronger.

Teach me the joys of true partnership.

Mental-Emotional Chant:

Beauty comes in all disguises,

Even in creativity.
Imagination brightens the life.

Grant me mental fertility.

Spiritual Chant:

Harmony of the soul is a treasured gift.

O Dragon of Venus, teach me spiritual harmony.

Compassion for all beings in all places

I send forth on your great wings.