Wooo! Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 6th – International/World Kiss Day!

Today is both ‘International Kissing Day’ and ‘World Kiss Day,’ so we need to pucker up and put some fast romance Feng Shui to work! Let’s look at eight easy ways to do just that. Eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers in the Feng Shui pantheon and is used to make certain that the most perfect partner kisses you. In order to ensure that lip lock, locate the Love and Romance area of your bedroom and put a pair of red lanterns or lights there. Or you can heat up your love life by positioning one red and one yellow candle in that same space. A pair of unpainted mandarin ducks or doves placed in this same space will help your romance take flight, while a pair of clear quartz crystals will ground you and let your love take root. The fifth way to energize your bedroom (and your love life) is to place an image of the double happiness symbol over the headboard of your bed or beside the two red lanterns already heating up the romance area. You can also hang pictures of mountains here to support earth energy, use the lover’s mystic knot as a feature on bedroom furniture, or lastly, display images (or the real thing) of either narcissus or pink peonies to create a healthy and happy love life.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com