Tree Magick (Earth Magick)

Tree Magick


Since the time of the ancient Druids, trees have been an important resource of the Earth. While they are valuable in monetary ways, they have a decidedly more spiritual history. Trees are believed to have wise spirits residing within them, and forests and groves are considered sacred place of worship.

While not every type of tree possesses the elemental attributes of earth, the practice of tree magick is a natural for the Earth Witch. She draws much of her strength from the spirits of the plant kingdom, of which trees are the largest members.

The most common methods for performing tree magick are simple to do, yet pack a powerful magickal punch. To incorporate the magick of trees into your practice, you can:

1. Soak up the energy of the tree by sitting beneath it.

2. Mark symbols on the leaves and ask the tree for help.

3. Tie items onto the branches.

4. Carry a bit of the wood with you.

5. Make use of a corresponding wood in spell work.

6. Bury things at the root of the tree.

There are many old spells that direct one to harm the tree by stripping bark from it, driving nails into it and breaking off branches. Please do not do any of these things, and always talk to your chosen tree before trying to use if for a magickal purpose. It will often gift you with a branch or bark–if you remember to ask first.

The magickal properties of trees are as follows:

Apple: Healing, love, honor, youth

Beech: Goals, strength, wisdom

Birch: Protection, purification

Cedar: Prosperity

Cypress: Protection, past-life regression

Elder: Healing, protection prosperity

Elm: Protection

Fig: Fertility, strength, energy, health

Hawthorn: Love, protection, cleansing

Hazel: Protection, reconciling

Hickory: Endurance, strength

Juniper: Protection

Maple: Love, divination

Oak: Healing, strength, prosperity

Olive: Peace, security, fidelity

Palm: Strength, abundance

Pecan: Prosperity

Pine: Purification, health, prosperity, spiritual growth

Rowan: Protection, strength

Walnut: Healing, protection

Willow: Healing, protection, wishes, enchantments, gracefulness


8 thoughts on “Tree Magick (Earth Magick)

  1. I loved your ideas about how to incorporate trees in to your magickal practice. I had never thought about tying items to the branches or soaking up the trees energy by sitting beneath it. Thank you for new, fresh ideas to incorporate into my craftwork. I’ll be adding these ideas into the pages of my binders.


  2. I’d like to propose a different way of thinking about it. I found the greatest success in establishing a connection with trees when I learned the key: to give. If you put your arms around a tree and wait for it to give you something, you’ll still be waiting when you leave. But if you push your energy into that tree and visualise that you are gifting it with golden light for its core, then you create an energy conduit through which you can enter into an altered state. If you are lucky, the tree might take you in and you will experience the sensation of floating into the trunk… it can get trippy… enjoy.


    1. Thank you for the info, Andrew. I always love to hear ideas from others. I have a good old gumball tree in the back. I always go out there and sit with my back right up against it. You can feel the energy coursing up your back that way. When I have my littlest familiar with me, I find the tree’s root and touch it. There is where the real energy surge is. You ought to find a root and then feel there. I do hug my tree when I am through and thank it. And of course, I have nosey neighbors watching. But I broke that up, I holler, “I’m a tree hugger, got a problem with that.” That is something that drives me crazy people watching, like mind your own business. But I am totally off topic. Thank you again for your wonderful advice. I hope to hear more from you. Till then….
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


      1. Lady of the Abyss,
        I have the very same problem here at our country house with very nosey neighbors..and one in particular…always snooping and watching. I swear if I could cast a spell to obliterate his eyes from watching all I do I would!!! But I guess that borderlines doing harm, and Im not that kind of person. Anyways, I love hugging trees toos!! Thank you for being you! Have a great day!!


    1. This was moved over from our old Yuku account. Some of the material has source and some of it doesn’t. I always try to mention at the time of posting material from there, that I am posting from that site. Also if anyone has any idea of where the info came from, please let me know. Then I will give credit where credit is due. On the Yuku site, there was 8 different people adding info to that site. When we moved here, we changed that. I am the only one that posts the material and if it doesn’t have an author or credits and I don’t know where it came from, we don’t use it. If you have any idea where it might have come from, please let me know. I am sorry I couldn’t have been more help.
      Lady A
      I just noticed your name. The other day, you had a site attached to it. What happened, are you not planning on opening up a site. I was nosy and took a look at it and you had a great start going there. Just curious!


      1. I never thought of looking into Scott Cunningham’s books. I have it and will check it out. Perhaps it did, I definitely appreciate your help. I love Scott Cunningham and all his writings. I definitely give him credit for all his material we use.
        Thank you again,
        Lady A


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