Tree Magick (Earth Magick)

Tree Magick


Since the time of the ancient Druids, trees have been an important resource of the Earth. While they are valuable in monetary ways, they have a decidedly more spiritual history. Trees are believed to have wise spirits residing within them, and forests and groves are considered sacred place of worship.

While not every type of tree possesses the elemental attributes of earth, the practice of tree magick is a natural for the Earth Witch. She draws much of her strength from the spirits of the plant kingdom, of which trees are the largest members.

The most common methods for performing tree magick are simple to do, yet pack a powerful magickal punch. To incorporate the magick of trees into your practice, you can:

1. Soak up the energy of the tree by sitting beneath it.

2. Mark symbols on the leaves and ask the tree for help.

3. Tie items onto the branches.

4. Carry a bit of the wood with you.

5. Make use of a corresponding wood in spell work.

6. Bury things at the root of the tree.

There are many old spells that direct one to harm the tree by stripping bark from it, driving nails into it and breaking off branches. Please do not do any of these things, and always talk to your chosen tree before trying to use if for a magickal purpose. It will often gift you with a branch or bark–if you remember to ask first.

The magickal properties of trees are as follows:

Apple: Healing, love, honor, youth

Beech: Goals, strength, wisdom

Birch: Protection, purification

Cedar: Prosperity

Cypress: Protection, past-life regression

Elder: Healing, protection prosperity

Elm: Protection

Fig: Fertility, strength, energy, health

Hawthorn: Love, protection, cleansing

Hazel: Protection, reconciling

Hickory: Endurance, strength

Juniper: Protection

Maple: Love, divination

Oak: Healing, strength, prosperity

Olive: Peace, security, fidelity

Palm: Strength, abundance

Pecan: Prosperity

Pine: Purification, health, prosperity, spiritual growth

Rowan: Protection, strength

Walnut: Healing, protection

Willow: Healing, protection, wishes, enchantments, gracefulness