Calendar of the Sun for Friday, July 6th

Calendar of the Sun



Green and gold
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of green and gold set flowers and herbs in pots, a bowl of rainwater, a large pitcher of manure tea, and several empty baskets.
Offerings: Water and fertilizer, to be added to the garden.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian.

Solstitium Invocation

Earth, you begin to give forth your bounty!
Like the maiden blossoming into the mother,
Like the youth growing into the father,
You yield your children up to us
For our sustenance and health,
As we are also your children.
We will not waste your gifts!
We will nurture what you bring forth
With the labor of our hands,
That those gifts shall be sustained
Year after year, and that you shall
Never be exhausted.
We will not be ungrateful, O Earth whose life is ours,
But we will give back as much as we take,
For this is the way of balance.

Life harnessed
Call the sun to us
Sacred harvest
You are one with us

(Two who have been chosen to do the work of the ritual take up the rainwater and the manure tea, and carry them out to the garden, where they are ceremonially poured around the roots of the herbs and vegetables. All others follow with the empty baskets, and harvest some thing from the garden, whether a token or a main part of the next meal. After this, each should do some part of the work of further watering, or fertilizing, or mulching, to give back to the earth as much as is taken away.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Wishing You A Very Happy & Blessed Summer Solstice!

Litha Comments & Graphics

Good Morning and Happy Summer Solstice, my dear friends! On days like today, you can feel the magickal energy flowing through the atmosphere. The energy courses through your blood and your body. Today, we truly are reminded we are magickal beings!


We give thanks to the Goddess for blessing us with Her Love. For without Her Love, we would not exist. We realize Her True Greatest not only in us, but everything we see around us. She is our Mother, our Protector, and our Comforter.  The Goddess is Our All.


With this said, I humbly offer this prayer for today…..


O Mother, thank you for the Love You

show me in all of Your many manifestations.

I see You in every leaf of every tree,

and in the dew on a butterfly’s wing.

Thank You for the joys and pains I have

experienced, and will experience, this


O Father, thank you for all of Your gifts.

The gift of sunshine and the gift of rain.

The gift of happiness and the gift of pain.

Thank you for life itself, the most precious

gift of all. My love is forever with you.

Please keep me faithful in Your service. 

So Mote It Be. 

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Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 20 – ‘National Daylight Appreciation Day’

It figures that ‘National Daylight Appreciation Day’ would fall on the same day as the Summer Solstice, the one day of the year when the sun is at its zenith. This is also considered a magical night when maintaining your own blaze can bring plenty of blessings to your household. Many years ago, huge communal solstice fires were lit to celebrate the lingering light of the day. On this night you can light up your own life by literally burning the midnight oil or an orange or yellow candle. Burn until the clock strikes twelve in order to get the most of the magic. This is also considered a fine night for mining mystical messages in your dreams. One way to do that is to pick nine flowers and place them under your pillow. Ancient lore also says that you can sleep with mistletoe under your head if you want your sweet dreams come true. You will still be able to receive important messages on this night even without flowers or herbs, so keep a pad and pen handy and then sleep perchance to dream on this midsummer night!