Wishing You A Very Happy & Blessed Summer Solstice!

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Good Morning and Happy Summer Solstice, my dear friends! On days like today, you can feel the magickal energy flowing through the atmosphere. The energy courses through your blood and your body. Today, we truly are reminded we are magickal beings!


We give thanks to the Goddess for blessing us with Her Love. For without Her Love, we would not exist. We realize Her True Greatest not only in us, but everything we see around us. She is our Mother, our Protector, and our Comforter.  The Goddess is Our All.


With this said, I humbly offer this prayer for today…..


O Mother, thank you for the Love You

show me in all of Your many manifestations.

I see You in every leaf of every tree,

and in the dew on a butterfly’s wing.

Thank You for the joys and pains I have

experienced, and will experience, this


O Father, thank you for all of Your gifts.

The gift of sunshine and the gift of rain.

The gift of happiness and the gift of pain.

Thank you for life itself, the most precious

gift of all. My love is forever with you.

Please keep me faithful in Your service. 

So Mote It Be. 

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