June 5 – Daily Feast

June 5 – Daily Feast

Nothing equals the loveliness of a summer morning when the first rays of sunlight sweep a field of wheat ready for harvest. The honey-colored heads bow with the weight of grain and the moisture of dew. Few of us could miss the peace that comes when the first light breaks through the foliage at the far side of the woods. It beams misty shafts of gold into areas untouched at any other time of day. It passes quickly and leaves the need to see it again. A miracle happens with the morning light. Worried thought lightens with the trill of the summer tanager. The wild purple cone flowers make their appearance in the meadow – and so the day begins.

~ Warm as go gi a ga li s gv, the peaceful day begins.
Warm as summer sunshine, the peaceful day a leni s gv. ~

‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Bird Migration

Bird Migration

Each year, with the onset of Winter, flocks of birds from the Northern hemisphere fly long distances to warmer territories in the South. Birds navigate their way by following internal compasses comprising tiny grains of a mineral called magnetite, stored in their brains. During rest stops they recalibrate their inner compasses using the positions of the stars to account for the fact that magnetic north lies 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) from the North Pole. When rest stops are too short, birds can get disorientated. In a similar way we possess a sense of inner knowing that helps us to find our way in life. But, unless we allow ourselves daily periods of time alone in which to tune into this inner knowing and recalibrate it against changing circumstances, we, like migrating birds, can lose our way.