The WOTC’s Spell of the Day for June 19: Flame Talisman Spell

Flame Talisman Spell

(To draw energy and strength from the sun)

Purpose:  To gain energy that you can carry right through to the winter solstice.

Background:  Litha, or the summer solstice, celebrates the sun at the height of its powers.  On the longest day, we honor the strength of the sun just before the days begin to shorten again.  It is generally well known that the sun has some positive physiological effects on humans:  at this time of year we are generally more outgoing, happier, and healthier.  This spell enables you to capture some of that sun power to carry with you…

You Will Need:

One red candle, 6-8 inches long

One white candle 6-8 inches long

Matches or a lighter

One sharp iron nail

One plain copper disk with a hole through it

One 24 inch length of fine cord

One tea-light candle in a jar


Cast this spell at Litha—the Summer Solstice

Casting the Spell:

As part of your Litha celebrations, work the first part of this spell indoors in a properly cast circle prior to going out overnight to await the Litha sunrise.

1.  Light both candles.

2.  Using the nail, inscribe on the disk a circle divided by eight lines, meeting in the center and overlapping at the edge. 

3.  Hold the disk in your left hand, the  cover it with your right and close your eyes.  Focus on the after image of the candle flames behind your eyelids.  Visualize it moving through your body to your solar plexus and through hour hands into the disk.

4.  Thread the pendant, and take it with you to greet the sunrise.

5.  Place it on a rock next to the tea-light candle which should be lit as dawn breaks.  As sunlight strikes the pendant, raise your arms and say:  “Ignite the sacred Fire within”.

6.  Wear it until the winter solstice.


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