Based On The Hymn To Ishtar From Acadia

Lord of sun and lady moon Bright at night and bright at noon See my offering, hear my call Lord and lady guard us all.

Sky god an, earth goddess ki All do honor unto thee Spread your seed upon the ground Bring forth life fecund and round

Holy queen of living things She whose bloom the summer brings Bless us lady give us cheer As we wander through the year

Royal shepherd, mountain king Lofty bull of whom we sing Fill our bowls with waters sweet Spread the seeds of corn and wheat

Bless our lips and bless our breast Guide us gently to our rest Bless our sheep and bless our corn Ease our grief when we must mourn

Sing the song and join the rite Praise the day and bless the night Thank the gods for what they bear Earth and water, fire and air.