Happy & Blessed Saturday To All My Sweet Friends!

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Good Saturday Afternoon to you, my Sweets! I hope you are having a very relaxing day. As you can tell I took the morning off. Since the A/C is still on the blink and it was cool (77 degrees), I decided to do some cleaning. Now my little rump is dragging the ground. I finally stopped when I got a heat headache. I came in here and took one of my migraine pills. So my head is starting to ease up. At least the house is clean, lol! But they say it is suppose to stay up in the 90′ to almost a 100 all next week. I done made my mind up this witch can’t take it. I am melting fast. But that is the way my luck goes, everything happens in three’s. Has anyone else noticed that? I have when something tears up I always hold my breath because I never know what’s coming next. In other words, “when it rains, it pours!”

My son is still here. He is such a pleasure to have around. I haven’t seen him since yesterday at 12:00 p.m. He has been working 12 hours a night. He gets home around 3 in the morning. Then on Saturday’s he goes and does dog training at a local kennel. We are all affiliated with vets, kennels, groomers, pound and etc., one way or another. He enjoys it and so do I, we both love animals. I got tickled at him the other night (it seems like my critters are trying to do him in, lol!). He said he had his hand hanging off the bed. He was looking for his Mountain Dew and hit something with a strange coat of fur. He reached for his phone and shown it in that direction.  He told me he liked to have jumped out of bed. There sit Razzy just sitting there staring at him. He told me she had the meanest look on her face and also she was very scary. And he generally isn’t the scared type, either. He wanted to know if I had seen her in the dark. I told him, “of course, all the time silly.” She looks like an angel curled up beside me. He said, “Bullshi&! She is a mean cat.” I told him she remembers that he is the one that brought that dog in. The one that dislocated her shoulder, animals don’t forget. So he shut up and went back to bed around 4 and I was wide awake. Oh! If life would only get back to normal!

I was thinking today since it is so late, what do you say I do something a little different? Put on some info about Crystals, Potions, Tinctures, Bath Salts, some Spells and Rituals? What do you say? Sounds good to me, hee, hee, hee! Of course it would!

Anyway I am going to run and get busy before you all replace me, lol! I hope you have a super Saturday! Stay cool and most of all enjoy!