Lighten Up ~ McWicca

::crackle:: “Welcome to McWicca may I help you?” ::crackle::

“Yeah, hi, my name is Raven Ravensong and I would like to be a Witch please?”

::crackle:: “Would like to try the Coven Combo?” ::crackle::

“Sure, and can I get a First Degree initiation on that?”

::crackle:: “Yes, and for two dollars more you can Buckland-size it.” ::crackle::

“Okay, lets do that.”

::crackle:: “Thank you for your order, drive through please.” ::crackle::


Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 24 ~ ‘Descendant’s Day’

Today’s energies celebrate ‘Descendant’s Day.’ You can locate the Feng Shui Family/Friends/Ancestors area in the middle left-hand side of your home or office. This arena relates to your past and present family, including all siblings and blood relatives. An effective cure for strengthening the roots of the family tree while keeping everyone united is to display in this space photos of current family members and past descendants. Since this is a wood element area those photos should always be displayed in wooden frames. Positioning them in groups of three (the number associated with this area) will lend in sending healing energy to relatives and friends, past and present. These photos will also keep the family close, if not in location at least in the heart!

By Ellen Whitehurst for