Witch Bottle

Witch Bottle

by Amanda Silvers

A witch bottle or ball is a protective warding device, to be used when you are wanting to keep away enemies. It is very effective and I have had very good luck with it, especially when living in high crime areas.

You will need at least five to ten of these things:

a sturdy bottle with a wide mouth

a cork that fits the bottle


broken pieces of mirror

bunch of broken glass

bunch of needles and pins

globs of black wax

handful of glitter

handful of rocks


lion, bear or wolf fur


pictures of demons


tangled hair

tangled thread, black


your own urine

First, clean and clear yourself the area and all the ingredients. Cast your circle in your normal way, ask the elements, the god and goddess and the fey for their assistance in creating this ward. Ask for clarity of purpose and focus on being completely protected from all types of harm.

When you are finished casting your circle, bless all the ingredients with your purpose of protection.

Next, take the items, one by one that you have assembled and hold them up before the bottle, state the individual purpose of each;, such as; “glitter to attract my enemies to this bottle.” “Needles and pins to poke those who would do me harm.” “Urine to repel attackers.” “Broken glass to cut my enemies.” “Thread to tangle any who would do me harm.”

It is good to plan your order prior to the ritual and you can tell a little story, like; “Enemies may come close to see themselves in the mirrors or they may be attracted into the bottle by the glitter, then they get tangled in the thread, cut by the glass, pricked by the pins and needles and drowned in the urine, once their negative energy is caught in this bottle it may not escape. They are scared away from me forever. I am safe from all harm.

As you make the statements insert each thing into the bottle. Once everything is inside, melt the black wax and cork the bottle using the wax as a sealant. Inscribe your rune on the cork and bury the bottle somewhere close to your front door. You must bury it far enough under the earth that no one finds it.

Make sure and make your intention clear, and say this or better for the best and highest good of all. This is a very powerful spell, I hope you never have to invoke it.