Shower Your Cares Away

Shower Your Cares Away

by Sylvana SilverWitch

Much more than earth, fire or air, the healing aspects of water are easy for me to identify with, maybe partly because I am a double water sign — Pisces sun with Cancer rising. I seem to think about water most of the time. It seems I am either washing myself, my hands or face, or drinking or sitting in it. I am very much attuned to the properties of water, and I find that if I stray very far away from a large body of water, I am unhappy and I just don’t feel right.

Even if you don’t have signs in water, as a human being you’re naturally attuned to water, because the great majority of your body is made of it. In a way, water is the easiest element for us to connect with, because we can easily submerge ourselves in it, unlike in fire or earth. When we do immerse ourselves in water, we’re usually conscious of doing so, unlike our experience of immersing in air.

Following is a quick cleansing meditation that makes use of this natural connection to water and that is designed to be used in the shower.

If you are one of those people who can’t seem to find the time to meditate, or if you ever need a psychic cleanup in a hurry, this meditation might be perfect for you. It takes only a very few minutes once you get the process memorized. It really works and can be very helpful, and it is easy to do every day as a part of your normal routine, since most of us shower or bathe every day (or at least I hope we do). I do it every day, all the time — no matter where I am.

This meditation involves cleansing and running energy through your body while in the process of cleansing your body by taking a shower. I make use of the actual physicality of washing in the shower and the motion of the water as a focus for the cleansing and healing meditation.

The first few times, try it when you are not too rushed, so you have time to get a feel for how it works for you.

First, get into the shower and do what ever you need to do that may take some attention to detail, such as washing your hair or shaving. Then do your usual grounding and centering. Next, visualize yourself standing in the middle of a wonderful, warm, healing waterfall, golden sun radiant on you, mist glistening up brilliant rainbows and water gently cascading down around and over you. Visualize the water delicately caressing every part of your body with cleansing, nurturing energy.

Smell the warmth of the water as it runs in rivulets over your body. Imagine you are in a tropical paradise, a magickal place that you have come for healing your body and spirit. Hear the sounds of the water rushing over you.

Contemplate your day and week and anything seemingly important that has happened during them. Feel throughout your body and notice if there are any places that your energy feels “stuck” or heavy. Think about your physical body and how it has been feeling. Search with your awareness your whole body: your bones, muscles, nerves, skin and organs. Notice any place that seems to need attention. Use your perception to observe anything that seems out of place or wrong to you.

I also like to take this time to look and feel for energy “cords” connecting me to other people. Cords are energetic connections to people and energies that I am not responsible for and don’t need to carry around. They look like literal cords, or sometimes more like cables, between us and those we come into contact with, especially loved ones, friends, co-workers and yes, even enemies!

When you get a sense of what energies you might want to disperse, then work on dispersing them by beginning to propel the energy around and through you. Dissipate it by gathering it and sending it washing down your body with the water into the drain. Imagine or picture it being cleansed from you — your energy body then transparent, shining pure and clear.

Think about being cleansed of all of the anger, resentment and negativity that has been thrown at you or that you have picked up from other people or situations and that you have carried around. These energies can cause disease and stress. Anger, resentment and negativity all may harm you if you don’t dissipate and neutralize them from time to time.

Understand that by cleaning your body and using your sponge and soap and at the same time imagining “cleaning” your body and energy, that you “scrub” yourself clean, both body and aura. Then ground out the energy with the water.

After you have finished cleansing, see the water flowing completely through you — healing and nurturing all the parts of yourself, body, soul, mind, heart and spirit.

I have found that if I miss my “shower meditation,” I do not feel grounded and I have trouble concentrating and focusing on the matters at hand. I sometimes have physical symptoms and just don’t feel good if I miss my water meditation. Try it, see how it works for you and adapt it if you need to.