Sunday Is Also Good For Witches Who Seek Spells

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Two Spells of Blessings You Will Find Here Today!



I will serve the Great Goddess,
And give reverence to the Great God,
I am a Pagan, A stone in the ancient circle,
Standing firmly, Balanced on the earth,
Yet open to the winds of heaven,
And enduring through time,
May the old gods witness my words.

So Mote It Be.




Light a blue and an indigo candle.
Invoke a Goddess of Wisdom, and ask for her help to enchant the book.
Inscribe the book letting the inscription express the desired wish.


~Magickal Graphics~



Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, July 11

Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, July 11

Each day is ruled by a planet, whose influence takes on great importance in your Spellcrafting and Ritual work. This is the most straightforward way of organizing the time at which to practice your Magick.


Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury

Archangel:  Raphael

Candle Color:  Yellow

Incenses:  Lavender or Fennel

Crystals:  Citrine or Yellow calcite

Use Wednesdays for spells for money-making ventures, learning new things, passing a examinations and tests, house moves and travel, overcoming debt, and repelling envy, malice and deceit.

Where possible work in a windy place or when the clouds are moving fast across the sky.

Herb of the Day for Jan. 29th – Grains of Paradise

Herb Of The Day for Jan. 29th – Grains of Paradise




Latin Name:Aframomum melegueta
Common Names: Guinea Grains, Alligator Pepper, Melegueta Pepper
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire


Folklore: In African lore the seeds of Grains of Paradises are also regarded as a spice possessing magical properties, and are frequently spoken of as being of great value for spells of divination as well as rituals intended to determine guilt.
Magickal Uses:Good Luck, House Protection, Employment, Wishes, Power, Love, Lust