Your Magickal Correspondence for Monday, July 16th

Your Magickal Correspondence for July 16th

Monday Is Ruled By The Moon

Archangel:  Gabriel

Candle color:  Silver

Incenses:  Jasmine or myrrh

Crystals:  Moonstone or opal

Use Mondays for spells for fertility, protection especially while traveling for home and family and to increase psychic and healing powers.

Where possible, work close to any water and, as a bonus, by moonlight.


Your Magickal Correspondence for Sunday, July 15th

Your Magickal Correspondence for Sunday, July 15th

Sunday Is Ruled By The Sun

Archangel:  Michael

Candle color:  Gold

Incenses:  Frankincense or orange

Crystals:  Amber or clear quartz

Use Sundays for spells for new beginnings, for worldly success, to achieve ambitions, and to reverse bad luck, especially financial and for health.

Where possible use an open space in sunlight for sun spells, such as a sunny beach or shimmering plain.

Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, July 11

Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, July 11

Each day is ruled by a planet, whose influence takes on great importance in your Spellcrafting and Ritual work. This is the most straightforward way of organizing the time at which to practice your Magick.


Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury

Archangel:  Raphael

Candle Color:  Yellow

Incenses:  Lavender or Fennel

Crystals:  Citrine or Yellow calcite

Use Wednesdays for spells for money-making ventures, learning new things, passing a examinations and tests, house moves and travel, overcoming debt, and repelling envy, malice and deceit.

Where possible work in a windy place or when the clouds are moving fast across the sky.

Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, July 10th

Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, July 10th

Each day is ruled by a planet, whose influence takes on great importance in Magick rituals and spells. This is the most straightforward way of organizing the times in which to practice your Magick.


Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Archangel:  Samael

Candle color:  Red

Incenses:  Dragon’s blood or cinnamon

Crystals:  Jasper or garnet

Use Tuesdays for spells for courage, change, independence in home or business life, for overcoming seemingly impossible odds and for passion.

Where possible work near a fire or bonfire or with a huge red beeswax candle as a focus; alternatively work next to a flowerbed or large vase of red, orange and yellow flowers.