A Beautiful Blessing for Our Familiars

A Beautiful Blessing for Our Familiars

Furry and mysterious
You have blessed my life
And my magickal practice
With your sweet spirit
And the essence of your soul.
Be blessed and welcome
Companion and helper
As you boost my power
By lending your strength
And your own deep magick.
May we live together
And practice together
For many years to come
And bring joy and strength
As we grow in our bond.
In perfect love and perfect trust
May we practice our magick
forever and ever
O blessed familiar.

So Mote It Be.





Get a white candle — either a plain one (offeratory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the gender of the person you want to bless. Carve the person’s full name on the candle, then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil.

For more power, you may place a name-paper of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the saucer.

Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings. As you light it each day, say this

[Name], may you be blessed May all good things come to you
May nothing whatesoever harm you
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships sustain you

May you be blessed in every way

* If you have a special request for this person (such as that they find a lover, get a good job, come home safely
from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.

Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going for longer than seven days. They may make a habit of burning such a candle every day — or once a week, on Sundays — for as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing so for months at a time. if the candle is large and it is to be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you can drop a tiny bit of oil into the “well” or hole in such a large candle just before lighting it each time.

Meal Blessing

Meal Blessing


Hold your hands over the food and say each time below three times. This can be worked into a fun blessing for the whole family if chanted in a round.

The table round contains the Earth

and this becomes the Mother

We share her bounty in this hour

and bless and love each other.

So Mot It Be.

Personal Journal/Book Blessing

Personal Journal/Book Blessing


These words herein are mine alone

fashioned deep inside my bones

each picture, thought, and quote you see

are all reflections of what is me.

Beware the urge to take this book

or read it in some private nook

because its magick isn’t blind

and I will know you’ve touched what’s mine.

Bless This Gathering of Witches

Blessed Be Comments

Bless this gathering of Witches
Brought together on this day
In the name of the Goddess and the God
To dedicate themselves to each other
And to the old ways that led them here.

Bless this site where Witches gather
That they may work together in harmony
Learning and growing together
As they follow the Wheel of the Year
And bask in Your Light and Love.

May the earth grant us strength
May the air grant us wisdom
May the fire grant us passion
May the water grant us flexibility
So we might work together for the good of all.

Bless this gathering of Witches
And the site we call home
Brought together in this sacred space
In the name of the Goddess and the God
To dedicate themselves to each other
Guide us in our daily walk
Let us be a shining reflection of You and
Your Love.

So Mote It Be.

A Daily Prayer for Blessings


A Daily Prayer for Blessings


Divine Mother, Almighty Father,

May you recognize me as one of your children,

Created in your image to be a reflection of your

Grace, Love and Power.

I ask for your blessings this day

I ask that all good things come to me

As I strive to walk my Path

May nothing whatsoever harm me or

Sway me from my Journey with you.

May my heart be light

May my travels be safe

May my health be good

May my mind be sound.

May you bless me each day

With Your Love, Comfort and Guidance.

I pray these not only for myself

But also for my brothers & sisters

Of The Craft.

So Mote It Be!

—Lady of the Abyss

Waning Moon Blessing

Witches just wanna have FUN!! 2

As we gather here, we summon the power of the Waning Moon
to carry away from this (item), any energy that
will keep potential from being reached.
We ask that the disappearing Orb lend us the power
to clear this (item) and purify it to best meet
the need for which we now consecrate it.