A Mirror Cipher For Revenge

A Mirror Cipher For Revenge

By Migene Gonazles-Wippler

Items Needed:

Wax doll


Piece of paper



An evil self
May lie within
The mirror’s skin,
Let your darkest
Work be done
By hands that hides
From sight and sun

Make of wax an image small to bind the man who serves, you ill. Cast it now.



The Witches Spell for October 27th ~ Break Another Witches Spell

Break Another Witches Spell

This spell will help to undo a hex or spell that has been put on you by another witch.

The following ingredients are needed:
A Length Of Silver Cord Or String Your Boline (Magickal Knife Used For Cutting) Or A Pair Of Scissors .

Tie one knot in each end of the silver cord, as you do this visualize one knot representing you and the other person who has cast the spell or hex.

Cut the cord in the centre, chant the following, and see the spell breaking: “From you to me this spell I break, This was not right for you to make. It’s path I will abruptly end, And back to you the spell I send”

Daily Feng Shui Tip of the Day for July 3rd

Mirrors are considered the ‘aspirin’ of Feng Shui since they can ‘cure’ a laundry list of whatever ails you. So I’m delighted to participate in ‘Compliment Your Mirror Day.’ In fact, few Feng Shui activators promise as much energetic movement as does the mirror. So here are some mirror ‘do’s’ to help you reflect on how important these decorating resources can be. Do reflect your dining area, as this is believed to ‘double’ the abundance in a room known to be associated with profusion. In fact, Feng Shui believes the dining room to be the perfect location for mirrors because that room represents the family’s wealth. Do reflect beautiful views as well. If any of your rooms have a view of trees, water or a beautiful garden, ‘double’ that energy while bringing all that beauty inside the house. Of course, one of the oldest interior decoration tips shares that using mirrors can actually open up a space, especially if that space is a long hallway or a small room. Leaning a mirror up against a wall can visually open up the room, while hanging one in a long hallway will slow down ‘whooshing’ Chi and open that space up as well. So today, whenever you pass any mirrors in your living space, take a long look in it and tell yourself how wonderful you are before telling your mirror the exact same thing. They enjoy the compliment as much as you do!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com