Scrying Spell For Love


Scrying Spell For Love

Cast a potent spell to see your true love during the time of the waxing Moon. You will need a scrying mirror for this. Also, you should make a tea using rose hips, dried orange peel, hibiscus, and meadowsweet. Drink the tea, then repeat the names of the herbs until you reach a light state of trance in front of your mirror. Then softly recite this spell:


Through orange peel,
Love I feel,
I wish to know love well.
Rose, powerful flower of love,
Tell me of my true love. Hibiscus flower,
Sight is your power;
share your sight with me.
Your light I see,
Show my true love’s face to me.


Then look into your scrying mirror. You will see the face of your true love.


By: Jenna Tigerhart,