Ritual for Growth, Healing, and Renewal

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Ritual for Growth, Healing, and Renewal



  • Black candle
  • White candle
  • Athame
  • Goblet filled with water

Note: this is best performed skyclad, but the same effect can be obtained while fully clothed.


Ereshkigal, Assyro-Babylonian goddess of the Underworld, known for the ability to shed dead skin to grow and the deep power of renewal.


Facing north, place the black candle on the altar at south, the white candle at north, and the goblet in the middle.

Cast the Circle


Light the black candle.

“Oh, great goddess Ereshkigal, join me in this sacred place. Help me to grow and leave behind the petty ways of the world. Assist me in healing the scars that I have been inflicted with through other’s cruelty. Teach me to respond with love and kindness.”

Passing your athame three times through the fire of the black candle, say:

“Great goddess of the Underworld, as this black candle burns, help me to also burn away the blackness in myself.”

Feel and envision yourself burning away the blackness that you carry with you. Blow out the candle.

Take a drink of water from the goblet. Say:

“With this drink of purity, help me to flush away the cinders left by the burning, so that I may be completely free from maliciousness.”

Take a drop of water from the goblet and place it on the wick of the black candle.

Light the White candle.

Reflect on the purity of the color and the healing power of the light. Say:

“Ereshkigal, assist me in this time of renewal. Help me to heal from the scars that the world has left on me and to rejuvenate myself. Through this renewal, I will be better able to act with compassion and patience towards those that seek to hurt me.”

Take time to reflect on this renewal proccess. Feel every part of your body become stronger, healthier, and more pure. Say:

“Oh, Great goddess Ereshkigal, help me to carry this growth and renewal with me in daily life.”

Extinguish the white candle.

Open the Circle


Ritual written by Amy D. Guthrie

The Pagan Library


5 thoughts on “Ritual for Growth, Healing, and Renewal

  1. Can I substitute for another goddess?! I’m cautious of substitutions because of the energies being distinct for the powers called. I need healing and such badly and this spell seems to speak to me but I don’t know this goddess at all. Any suggestions?!


    1. Of course, sweetie. These spells can be used as is or you can use them as example on writing your own. Never do any spell work that makes you feel uncomfortable. If there is a different Goddess that has the same qualities and attributes, you can substitute.


    1. I don’t see why she wouldn’t, she is an Underworld Goddess. I feel that Hekate is a Goddess you are familiar working with. Have you ever done any work with Morrighan?


  2. No I haven’t but have been getting visions of this goddess and such and such. I think it’s revealed to me there’s a something I need to discover. This confirms to me I must understand what it is calling to me. I heard “morrighan” when i was reading the post above too. Thanks that helps tons! I think I need to prepare myself… hecate is respectable and strong, but morrighan I think may be more caring but also demanding of our lessons. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong here. But something about “drink the waters, and know”. if that makes any sense. before i incorporate her into a spell tho I always always consider any consequence and if I’m mature enough for them. I’m not sure I’m mature enough for the full force of both hecate and morrighan, as hecate acts as a mother to me and guide but asking for more can be overwhelmingly powerful! Ok blab. Are things ok to mention in casual pagan talk?!


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