A Mirror Cipher For Revenge

A Mirror Cipher For Revenge

By Migene Gonazles-Wippler

Items Needed:

Wax doll


Piece of paper



An evil self
May lie within
The mirror’s skin,
Let your darkest
Work be done
By hands that hides
From sight and sun

Make of wax an image small to bind the man who serves, you ill. Cast it now.



2 thoughts on “A Mirror Cipher For Revenge

  1. We should give original authors their credit. This verse was written and published under copyright protection by the late and great Valerie Worth.


    1. Can I ask a question then. Why does it have “By Migene Gonazles-Wippler” on it? We always give proper credit when we know who the author is. We do not steal others material nor do we condone it. We also get permission to use certain material when we need to. This article you are referring to now has two individuals who lay claim to it. Give me a link to the original author and I will correct the mistake. Or I will do as I have done in the past, I will remove the article. I will not have two different sources fighting over the same article. We have an excellent reputation and I intend to keep it that way. Give me proof or a link and I will correct it, if not the article comes down. Apparently you don’t know to much about us or looked through the site, authors are credited as well as their sites.


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